Enric Arredondo (Enric Arredondo)

Enric Arredondo

Had a significant and extensive career in film and in theater and television, not to mention his role as a voice actor.  Protagonist many Study 1 for TVE and numerous plays, achieved great fame following his role in the series Journalists where for four years ( 1998 and 2002 ) he played the fictional editor of Universal Chronicle .  In movies he participated in movies like Do not breathe: Love is in the air ( 1999 ), Joan Potau; internal Subject ( 1996 ), Charles Balagué; Drop Shadows ( 1994 ), Gerardo Gormezano or Gold Rush ( 1993 ) Gonzalo Herralde among others.

In his works include theater as per Molt Soroll not res , Ivanov , The Foundation , The Sundays, bacchanal , The Knack , The criat two masters , Oncle Vania , Via Gagarin , Serebriakov or Accidental Death of an Anarchist . She also played a text written by himself with autobiographical overtones, Bohemian .  In the last years of his life worked episodically in Central Hospital (in 2004 ) and Commissioner (in 2002 ). He left a film, Two tickets from Javier Serrano , pending release at the time of his death and that was his last interpretive work.  He was awarded the National Film Award of the Government of Catalonia in 1993 .  In 1997 he spent more than three months in a coma, finally waking up and returning to his work as an actor. In the last years of her life she had suffered a degenerative bone disease that led him to make his latest works in a wheelchair.  He was married to actress Carmen Fortuny . He died on December 16, 2006.


  • April, 05, 1940
  • Barcelona, Spain


  • December, 16, 2006
  • Barcelona, Spain


  • Cremated

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