Elsa Berenguer (Elsa Berenguer)

Elsa  Berenguer

Actress. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. An award-winning stage, screen and television actress, Berenguer was a member of the stage group “La Nueva Máscara”, in the late 1950s. She received the prestigious Molière Award in 1974 for her work on the play “Sabor a Miel” and in 1981 the Estrella de Mar Award for “Juguemos al Rummy.” On Television, she worked in soap operas such as “El Coraje de Querer” and “Alta Comedia.” On cinema, she is fondly remembered for her role as Berta in the Fabián Bielinsky hit “Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens)” (2000), by which, she obtained the ACE Award. Also she appeared in “Todo Sol es Amargo” (1966), “Crecer de Golpe” (1977), “Hay unos Tipos Abajo” (1985), “Los Insomnes” (1986), “El Visitante” (1999) and “Cama Adentro” (2002). She died in her hometown.


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