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Eileen Ambrose

Eileen Ambrose

She will be greatly missed by her loving husband Frank, her family, her many friends and her adorable four legged son Sir Winston II–who affectionately knew Frank and Terry as the “King and Queen of Lithuania”.
Terry was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan July 1, 1925 and has lived in the Detroit and Bloomfield Hills areas her entire life. In her youth she was one of the top photographic models in Detroit and started the first chapter of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) in Michigan. She was an avid golfer with two holes-in-one to her credit and a member of the Forest Lake Country Club and the PGA Country Club in Florida. Each year for the past twenty years She and Frank even held their own “Lithuanian Golf Open “ at the PGA in Florida where they have resided for 25 years during the winter. In order to celebrate this auspicious event, their family and wonderful golfing friends would troop down to the PGA, participate in the golfing event, as well as the several days of planned festivities surrounding it.
Terry loved to paint especially portraits of her family and her cherished dogs. She loved to travel, and indeed, with her husband Frank and family members traveled to every corner of the globe. However, her favorite place to be and to travel around was the USA which she considered to simply be the “Best Country in the World”. Terry was red, white and blue through and through and her oldest daughter, Ronna Romney even ran for the United States Senate twice from the State of Michigan . Active in politics for much of her life, Terry was proud to be a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Terry would remind us regularly in lectures and action that �~Life is not a dress rehearsal, it�(TM)s Showtime!” And to that end, she and Frank would look for every occasion throughout the year to create events that her friends and family could gather at in order to celebrate some important aspect of life or just to celebrate life itself. Her stupendous Christmas gathering every year–complete with Santa Claus, Carolers, and elaborate Christmas decorations covering every inch of the outdoors and indoors of her home–will never be forgotten by those who were fortunate enough to experience it.
But above all else Terry loved surrounding herself by her family which included her 5 children: Ronna Romney (Bruce Kulp), Toby Jones Semprevivo (Philip), Terry Rakolta (John, Jr.), Michael Stern (Susie Lucas) and Mark Kraus (Lisa); as well as her 18 grandchildren, Kevin, Ronna, Mark, George, Christina, Ernie, Brent, Tobylynn, Eileen, Lauren, Paige, J.R. III, Lindsey, Hunter, Courtney, Carlie, Mike, and Matt; and her 7 great-grandchildren Darien, Sloan, Chloe, Mathew, Thatcher, Brandon and Abigail.
Terry passed away February 17 in Jupiter, Florida of Heart Disease at the age of 78 surrounded by her dear husband Frank and loving children. – See more at:


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  • July, 01, 1925
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan


  • February, 17, 2004
  • Jupiter,Florida

Cause of Death

  • Heart disease


  • White Chapel Memorial Park Cemetery
  • Troy, Michigan

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