Eduardo Castro Luque (Eduardo Castro Luque)

Eduardo Castro Luque

Eduardo Castro Luque was born on 12 December 1963 in the Mexican northern city of Ciudad Obregón, Sonora. He was married to Rossana Coboj and had one boy named Eduardo. He held a bachelor’s degree in Business administration from the Sonora Institute of Technology. The 48-year-old politician had never held a political office before he was elected on 1 July 2012. Prior to running for office, Eduardo Luque owned a publicity agency and was the marketing manager of the Yaquis de Obregón baseball team in his hometown. Initial reports stated that on 14 September 2012 at around 20:55 local time, Castro Luque was returning home at Chapultepec neighborhood in the city of Ciudad Obregón, Sonora. Unaware of the assailant, the deputy-elect got out of his car and made a few steps towards the house entrance when an unknown gunman shot at him nine times, hitting vital organs. Nonetheless, according to the investigation of the Office of the General Prosecutor in Sonora (PJGE), the gunman faked a malfunction in his motorcycle when Castro Luque was coming back from a meeting held in Hermosillo prior to his installation as a state deputy. The assassin then asked Eduardo Luque for tool support and then shot him at close range. Once they had materialized the attack, the killer fled the scene in a motorcycle. Eduardo Luque was taken to a local hospital by his wife and young son while still being alive, but was declared dead an hour later. He was scheduled to take office as a Sonora’s state Legislature in just two days. The Municipal Police of Cajeme, Sonora reported that Castro Luque’s front house door had been forced open and that some people had stolen his laptop a day before the assassination. At the scene, the Mexican police found six .45 millimeter bullet casings, as well as six warheads from the same caliber, that will help the Office of the General Prosecutor in Sonora (PGJE) as evidence for the investigation. At 3:00 p.m. during a religious ceremony in the Cathedral of Ciudad Obregón, friends, supporters, politicians, and several citizens of the municipality gathered to pay homage to Eduardo Castro Luque. The Bishop Felipe Padilla celebrated mass with over 900 attendees.

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  • December, 12, 1963
  • Ciudad Obregón, Mexico


  • September, 14, 2012
  • Mexico
  • Ciudad Obregón, Sonora

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  • shooting

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