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Edit Domjan

Actress.  Protean leading lady of stage and screen.  Born in Budapest,  she made her performing debut in 1954 as a chorus girl with the National Dance Theatre,  and by 1960 had become one of Hungary’s leading stage stars.  Highly versatile,  her repertory ranged from the classics (Shakespeare,  Moliere,  Shaw) to musicals (“The Threepenny Opera”) to contemporary dramas and comedies.  She particularly excelled in earthy roles that allowed her abundant sensuality free reign.  Domjan’s unique presence was captured in a dozen Hungarian films,  some of which,  including “Cantata” (1963),  “The Last But One” (1963),  “New Gilgames” (1964),  and “The Impostors” (1969),  were released abroad,  but she remained primarily devoted to the theatre.  Critics nicknamed her “Diva Domjan” for her mercurial temper and frequent clashes with producers and directors.  Distressingly conscious of her age,  she later insisted on playing characters far younger than herself and resorted to appearing scantily clad onstage to show her figure to best advantage.  In the early 1970s Domjan’s career began to fade and in her final months she sought escape in a short-lived affair with actor Pal Szecsi.  One day after her 40th birthday,  she committed suicide.  Her autobiography,  left unfinished at her death,  was edited and published in 1987.  Today in Hungary the Edit Domjan Award is presented each year for the best performance by an actress in a play. (bio by: Bobb Edwards)


  • December, 25, 1932


  • December, 12, 1972


  • Farkasreti Cemetery
  • Hungary

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