Edgar De Evia (Edgar De Evia)

Edgar De Evia

Photographer, Artist, Author. He was born in Merida, capital of the Yucatan, as the only son of noted Parisian born pianist Miirrha Alhambra and her husband Dom Evia. He moved with his parents to New York City when he was about five years old and was graduated from the Dalton School. ┬áHe is best know for his Tissot-like effects using soft focus and diffusion. William A. Reedy, editor of APPLIED PHOTOGRAPHY, in a 1970 interview for the Eastman Kodak publication STUDIO LIGHT, wrote he “has been a photographic illustrator in New York City for many years. His work has helped sell automobiles, food, drink, furniture and countless other products. To fashion accounts he has been known as a fashion photographer, while food people think of him as a specialist in still life. While, in fact, he is a photographer, period. He applies his considerable talent and experience to whatever the problem at hand.” For almost two decades his home and studios were on the top three floors of 867 Madison Avenue in the Rhinelander Mansion, which he shared with his partner ┬áRobert Denning. and which is now Ralph Lauren’s Madison Avenue flagship store. Later in his career he was the creative director for a company that took all of the photographs for a number of catalogs including Sakowitz of Houston and Gimbals in New York. Well into his eighties, he would mount his bicycle and ride all over the city on weekends with a backpack carrying his latest camera and take photographs that amused him. During the last decade of his life he wrote several novels and many short stories. He also applied his artistry to digital artwork on his Power Mac. The only common denominator was that none of his drawings looked like computer art. He died just short of his 93rd birthday when pneumonia set in after a fractured hip. (bio by: D C McJonathan-Swarm)


  • July, 30, 1910


  • February, 02, 2003
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