Eddy Waller (Eddy Waller)

Eddy  Waller

Actor. Born Edward C. Walker, he worked in vaudeville and the theater before he entered movies appearing in “Meet the Missus” (1929). A wide ranging performer, he was a mainstay in the westerns of Republic Pictures and worked with just about every cowboy actor of the 1940s. His many credits include “Jesse James” (1939), “The Grapes of Wrath” (1940), “Six Gun Gold” (1941), “Dakota” (1945), “Massacre River” (1949) and “The Last Posse” (1953). For television, he was a regular on “Lassie”, “Laramie”, “Bonanza”, “Casey Jones”, “Wagon Train” and many more. He died of a stroke at age 88.

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  • June, 14, 1889
  • USA
  • Wisconsin


  • August, 19, 1977
  • USA
  • California


  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park
  • USA

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