E. Pierce Marshall (E E. Pierce Marshall)

E. Pierce Marshall

Businessman. Born Pierce Marshall, he informally added the E. later in memoriam to his grandfather Everett Pierce, is best remembered for his aggressive legal battle with his step-mother, Anna Nicole Smith, over the fortune of his oil tycoon father, J. Howard Marshall. After the senior Marshall’s death in 1995, Smith, his wife of 14 months, claimed entitlement to his estate and was awarded a $474 million judgment. Through Pierce Marshall’s efforts this amount was later reduced to $89 million and finally to nothing. However, the case is back with the appellate panel. Marshall was accused by Smith of forging documents in an attempt to deny her of what she claimed her husband wanted her to have. A jury in Texas ruled that neither Anna Nicole nor J. Howard III were promised anything by J. Howard II. The jury also ruled that the entire estate plan was valid and entirely rejected the allegations of forgery and undue influence. He managed his family’s extensive business holdings and served on the board of Koch Industries Inc., which operates refineries and pipelines, and manufactures pulp, paper and fibers. He died at age 67. (bio by: Elizabeth Reed)  Family links:  Parents:  J. Howard Marshall (1905 – 1995)


  • January, 12, 1939
  • USA


  • June, 06, 2006
  • USA


  • Cremated

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