Dr Ferdinand Porsche (Ferdinand Porsche)

Dr Ferdinand Porsche

Austrian/German Automotive Engineer. Founder of Porsche Motor Cars, creator of the world’s first hybrid vehicle (gasoline-electric) the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, and the ground-breaking Mercedes-Benz SS/SSK. He designed the 1923 Benz Tropfenwagen, which was the first race car with mid-engine, rear-wheel drive automobile. Known as the “Great engineer” he designed the German tanks Tiger I, Tiger II, and the Elefant as well as the super-heavy Panzer VIII Maus tank. He also made contributions in aircraft design. Additionally, he helped develop and manufacture retaliatory weapons (Vergeltungswaffen), such as the V-1 flying bombs known as “Buzz Bomb” in England because of their buzzing noise they made while flying overhead before impact.  In 1996, he was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and in 1999 posthumously won the award of Car Engineer of the Century. In 2010 an official memorial was erected in Porsche’s birthplace in Vratislavice nad Nisou, Czech Republic, featuring a Porsche 356. (bio by: Todd Alexander Dale)  Family links:  Children:  Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche (1909 – 1998)* *Calculated relationship


  • September, 03, 1875
  • Republic


  • January, 01, 1951
  • Germany


  • Schuettgut Chapel, Porsche Family Estate
  • Salzburg
  • Austria

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