Donald Wesley Reno (Donald Wesley Reno)

Donald Wesley Reno

Donald Wesley Reno

Bluegrass Musician. He was playing for the local radio station by the time he turned 12, by 14 he was working with the Morris Brothers who introduced Don to a type of bluegrass music termed “mountain music,” that was quickly gaining popularity. Bill Monroe was impressed by Reno and asked him to become a regular with his band. Reno declined his offer in order to enter the service where he fought on the front lines in Burma with a unit called Merrill’s Marauders. After serving his country he then returned home to resume his musical career. He again met up with Bill Monroe and this time he joined his band. While playing for Monroe, Reno had the chance to hone his guitar skills where he became known as the “King of the Flat-Picking Guitarists,” and also his banjo skills where he used the three finger roll technique.

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  • February, 21, 1927
  • Buffalo,South Carolina


  • October, 16, 1984
  • Powhatan, Virginia


  • Spring Hill Cemetery
  • Lynchburg, Virginia

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