Dolores Faith (Dolores Faith Hodges)

Dolores Faith

She was born Dolores Faith Hedges, July 15, 1941 in Cleveland, Ohio. She was of Hungarian-Italian descent. She lost her hearing at age 4 from an accident but it later returned by age 8. A natural blonde, she died her hair black to better match her olive skin. She graduated from Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles, California in 1958. She was a member of the “Sock n Buskin” Drama club. She began as a model and as a dance instructor, before acting. In 1959 she was given a screen test by Warner Bros. They chose not to hire her, because of her resemblance to both Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly. She became a Hollywood Deb Star in 1962, and was featured in Life in 1963. Faith is probably best remembered for three low budget, science fiction films. The Phantom Planet, The Human Duplicators, (in both of which she was carried off by Richard Kiel) and Mutiny in Outer Space. She appeared in dramas, too. In V.D she was a young vixen who gets the Clap from the “hero”, (who got it from a prostitute.) In Wild Harvest, she plays the mistress of a ruthless, womanizing, vineyard manager, played by Phantom Planet co-star Dean Fredericks, who she sides against after getting fed up. She was also in a war drama, Shell Shock. On television, she appeared in episodes of Ripcord, Have Gun – Will Travel, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E., a two part episode released theatrically as One of Our Spies Is Missing. Faith met Texas millionaire, and Maxwell House heir James Robert Neal (1921-2006). The couple become a regular sight at various public events. In November, 1972 Faith married Neal in Las Vegas, after a long courtship, and retired from acting. They divorced in April, 1977. Most sources state Dolores Faith died February 15, 1990, in Miami, Florida. However, author Tom Lisanti in his book “Glamour Girls of Sixties Hollywood: Seventy Five Profiles” reports that she was living in Florida, as of 2006.

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  • July, 15, 1941
  • USA
  • Cleveland, Ohio


  • February, 15, 1990
  • USA
  • Miami, Florida

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