Djura Jaksic (Djura Jaksic)

Djura Jaksic

Poet and painter. He studied fine arts in Vienna and Munich. He has been a teacher and professor in various towns in Serbia. He belongs to the most expressive representatives of Serbian romanticism. Passionate, of impetuous imagination, flamy emotions, rebellious and a freedom-lover, he has written, with romanticist pathos, songs about freedom, against tyranny, and verses of lyric confession full of deep pain (nevertheless, he also had nothing against dedicating a collection of poems to Knez Milan). He has written some forty short stories, some of them designes as novels. He has written three dramas: “Stanoje Glava┼í”, “Seoba Srba”, and “Jelisaveta”. He was one of the most talented Serbian painters of the XIX century and most prominent representative of romanticism in Serbian painting. He has been buried as one of the most respected and loved artists of Belgrade (bio by: Jelena)


  • July, 27, 1832


  • November, 11, 1878


  • Novo Groblje
  • Serbia

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