Dan Andersson (Dan Andersson)

Dan Andersson

Author.  His poetry and fiction depict the hard life of the working class and the rugged wildnerness of his native Sweden.  Andersson was born in Skattlösberg, Dalecarlia, the son of a poor country teacher. In his youth he worked as a woodsman,  charcoal burner, and factory worker. From 1914 to 1915 he took part in a course at Brunnsvik, a folk high school, where he was influenced by the writings of Oscar Wilde, Tagore, Dostojevsky, and Nietzsche.  His books include “Charcoal Burner’s Tales” (1914),  “Charcoal Watcher’s Songs” (1915),  and “Black Ballads” (1917). “The Three Homeless Ones” (1918) and “David Ramm’s Heritage” (1919) are autobiographical novels. “Late Harvest” (1929), a collection of poems, and “Printed and Unprinted” (1942) were published after his death.  Andersson was accidentally poisoned in a Stockholm hotel. His room had been sprayed with cyanide to kill lice but the fumes had not been aired out properly and the poet died in his sleep. Many of his poems have been set to music,  including some by the author himself. (bio by: Birgit Jacobsson)


  • April, 06, 1888


  • September, 09, 1920


  • Lyvikens kyrkogård (Lyviken Cemetery) 
  • Sweden

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