Daisy D’ Ora (Daisy D' Ora)

Daisy D’ Ora

Actress, Beauty Queen, Society Figure. A pretty ingenue of the German cinema, she later became a fixture in European diplomatic circles. Born Daisy Frein Baroness von Freyberg zu Eisenberg, she had early theatrical ambitions and took a stage name as show business was considered an improper career for the nobility. Spotted by producer G. W. Pabst, Daisy made her silver screen bow, against much familial protest, with the 1928 “Pandora’s Box”, earned her greatest acclaim for her star turn in “The Missing Testament” (1929), and appeared in a number of German features before leaving the screen around 1930. Daisy was selected as both Miss Germany and Miss Europe for 1931 though she had no chance of winning the Miss Universe Pageant in Miami due to lingering resentment from World War I. Her marriage to diplomat Oskar Schlitter (deceased 1970) took her back into the societal whirl though her impertinent manner and loose tongue caused frequent problems for herself and her husband. (Once years after World War II she publically referred to England as “an enemy nation”). A prominent part of German ‘high society’ for many years, she lived out her days in a Munich retirement home and at her death was one of the last to have had a starring role in a silent movie. Whenever asked about Adolf Hitler, whom she knew well, Daisy would only say that he was “the most terrible pianist”. (bio by: Bob Hufford)


  • February, 27, 1913
  • Germany


  • June, 06, 2010
  • Germany


  • Friedhof Offenstetten
  • Germany

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