Clifton Young (Clifton Young)

Clifton Young

Actor. Born Robert Howard Young in New York City, he began performing on stage at age five and made frequent vaudeville and occasional movie appearances through his early 20s, most often billed as Bobby Young. From 1925 to 1931 he had a semi-regular role in the “Our Gang” series, playing “Bonedust”, a kid with a toothy grin and a knack for getting the other Rascals into trouble. After serving in the Army during World War II, he changed his screen name to Clifton Young and had several good character parts in films for Warner Bros., RKO, and Republic. He is particularly memorable in “Dark Passage” (1947), as a blackmailer who tries to put the squeeze on escaped convict Humphrey Bogart. His other credits include “School’s Out” (1930), “Love Business” (1931), “Deception” (1946), “Pursued” (1947), “Possessed” (1947), “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” (1948), “Blood on the Moon” (1948), and “A Woman of Distinction” (1950). Young died in a Los Angeles hotel fire that started when he fell asleep smoking in bed. He had recently gone through a bitter divorce.

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  • September, 15, 1917
  • USA
  • New York


  • September, 10, 1951
  • USA
  • California


  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  • California
  • USA

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