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Beverly  Garland

Actress. She appeared in around 40 movies and on numerous television shows in a career spanning over 40 years. Born Beverly Lucy Fessenden, she was raised in Glendale, and later in Phoenix. She started acting in high school…her professional debut came in 1950 with the film “DOA”, and one episode of the series “The Lone Ranger”. Thru the 1950s, she played girls who could take care of themselves in tough situations…a sheriff in “Gunslinger” and a scientist’s wife in “It Conquered the World”, and was in several of Roger Corman’s productions, including “Swamp Women” and “The Alligator People”. In “Decoy” (1957 to 1959) she was the first female protagonist of a television adventure series. In 1955, she received an Emmy nomination for playing a leukemia patient on an episode of “Medic”. From the 1960s on, she portrayed suburban housewives, with her best known roles being Fred McMurray’s wife in “My Three Sons” (1960 to 1972), and Kate Jackson’s mother in “Scarecrow and Mrs King” from 1983 to 1987. She also appeared in episodes of “Gunsmoke”, “Twilight Zone”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Medical Center”, “Remington Steele”, “7th Heaven”, among others. Her final role was in “Teen Angel” in 1998. Miss Garland was married three times (she took her professional name from the second), the last to Fillmore Crank from 1960 untill his death in 1999. With him, she ran the Beverly Garland Hotel and Conference Center in Hollywood.

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  • October, 17, 1926
  • USA
  • California


  • December, 05, 2008
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