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Beulah “Dark Cloud” Tahamont Filson

Actress. Born Beulah Tahamont the daughter of Elijah Tahamont, an Abnaki model and actor who worked under the professional name Chief Dark Cloud, and his wife Margaret Camp. She started her stage career at the age of four and as a young woman, she was active in Los Angeles American Indian Clubs and produced and directed many pageants, the most notable of which was was probably ‘The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers’ one of the first plays produced in the Hollywood Bowl. She also appeared in a handful of films during the silent era. She married twice, had a daughter, Bertha Cody with her first husband, a writer and associate of ethnology at Southwestern Museum, noted as a collector of lore, mythology, and early history of the California Indians. Her second husband was T. W. Folsom, a yard clerk at Western Pacific. After a serious accident in 1928, her health broken, she retired from professional life. She died at age 58 ¬†in Thermallto, California. (bio by: Iola) ¬†Family links: ¬†Spouse: ¬†Thomas Walter Filson (1903 – 1960)* ¬†Children: ¬†Bertha Alden Parker Cody (1907 – 1978)* *Calculated relationship


  • March, 28, 1887
  • USA


  • December, 12, 1945
  • USA


  • Old Oroville Cemetery
  • California
  • USA

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