Berugo Carambula (Berugo Carambula)

Berugo Carambula

Uruguayan Actor. Carambula, born Heber Hugo Carambula, was a well-known comedian who was very familiar to audiences mostly on television, but also in film and stage. He started in show business with the jazz band “Crazy Clown Jazz Band” and then went into television on the comedy program “Telecataplum” where he honed his skills as a comedian.  Carambula would later appear in such television shows as “Hupumorpo” (1974), “Sweethearts” (2002), and “Atrévase a soñar” (1989).   He also appeared in films such as “La noche del hurto” (1976) and “Cantaniño cuenta un cuento” (1979).   Carambula was very popular in both his native land of Uruguay and Argentina. (bio by: Mr. Badger Hawkeye)


  • October, 31, 1945
  • Uruguay


  • November, 11, 2015
  • Uruguay


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