Bela Balazs (Bela Balazs)

Bela Balazs

Hungarian film critic, writer and poet, born Herbert Bauer. He studied Hungarian and German in school. He wrote his first film in 1924 called Der Sichtbare Mensch (The Visible Man). He then helped Leni Riefenstahl direct her first film, Das Blaue Licht in 1932. One of his best known films is Somewhere in Europe written in 1947. The American version was written in 1949 and known as It happened in Europe. He wrote the fairy plays The Wooden Prince and Bluebeard’s Castle that his friend Béla Bartók wrote the music for. He won many awards for his writing accomplishments.  (bio by: Helaine  M. Larina)


  • August, 04, 1884
  • Hungary


  • May, 05, 1949
  • Hungary


  • Kerepesi Cemetery
  • Hungary

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