Barbette (Barbette Barbette)


Actor, Trapeze Artist. At a young age he left home to become an acrobat. Later he formed a partnership with a woman trapeze artist assuming the role of her twin sister, who had died. As a solo-trapeze and wire-walker artist, he continued to dress as a woman, and in the mid-1920s he went to perform in Europe. He achieved great success in Paris, France, and was a friend of Jean Cocteau. In the early 1930s he posed for a series of photographs by artist Man Ray, who put into a book called, “Le Sang Dun Poete” and in 1932 appeared in the film, “The Blood Of A Poet.” Later he returned to the United States and in 1938 he suffered injuries in a fall on a high-wire and was forced to retire. (bio by: K)  Family links:  Parents:  Jeff B Broadway (1865 – 1928)  Hattie M. Loving (1879 – 1949)  Sibling:   Barbette (1899 – 1973)  Sam Pafchall Loving (1917 – 1996)** *Calculated relationship**Half-sibling


  • December, 19, 1899
  • USA


  • August, 08, 1973
  • USA


  • Round Rock Cemetery
  • Texas
  • USA

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