Barbara Jo Lawrence (Barbara Jo Lawrence)

Barbara Jo Lawrence

Actress, Author. Lawrence, who appeared in 30 movies and 70 television shows from the late 1940s through the early 60s, moved with her mother to California at age 10, and was crowned “Little Miss Hollywood of 1942”. In her teens, she became a model and then an actress under contract to 20th Century Fox Studios, attending high school on the lot and dating Mickey Rooney, Robert Wagner and Howard Hughes, who gave her private flying lessons on his plane. Among films she appeared in were ‘Diamond Horseshoe’ (1945), ‘Margie’ (1946), ‘Give My Regards to Broadway’ (1948), ‘A Letter To Three Wives’ (1949), ‘Peggy’ (1950), ‘The Star’ (1952), ‘Oklahoma!’ (1955) and ‘Kronos’ (1957) appearing alongside Kirk Douglas, Rock Hudson, Rex Harrison and Tyrone Power. On television she appeared in episodes of ‘Cheyenne’, ‘The Adventures of Jim Bowie’, ‘Riverboat’, ‘Bat Masterson’, ‘Perry Mason’ and ‘Bonanza’. She retired from acting in the mid-1960s to care for her four young children and spent several years in South America. Later, she became an author of adventure and mystery novels and a real estate agent in Beverly Hills. Lawrence, who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, suffered from dementia and succumbed to kidney failure. (bio by: Louis M.)  Family links:  Spouse:  Jeffrey Stone (1926 – 2012)

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