Arthur T. Barry (Arthur T. Barry)

Arthur T. Barry

Master jewel thief and “second-story man” of the roaring 20s. Subject of March 12, 1956 Life magazine article and 1961 book by Neil Hickey “The Gentleman was a Thief”. Ingratiated himself into New York society by befriending Prince Edward, Harry Houdini and Jimmy Hines of the Monagahelka Democratic Club. Instrumental in the Auburn Prison riot of July 1929 during which he escaped. He remained at large for 3 years and was recaptured in New Jersey. After his release from prison in 1949 led an exemplary life and was a kind and gentleman respected by family and friends alike. He left many admiring nieces and nephews. (bio by: Tom Galliher)


  • December, 10, 1896
  • USA


  • July, 07, 1981
  • USA


  • Saint Johns Cemetery
  • Massachusetts
  • USA

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