Anna Castelli Ferrieri (Anna Castelli Ferrieri)

Anna Castelli Ferrieri

Anna Castelli Ferrieri was an Italian architect and industrial designer. She is most known for her influence in the use of plastics as a mainstream design material and her work with Kartell, an Italian contemporary furniture company. Ferrieri was born in Milan on August 6, 1918 and died June 22, 2006 at age 87. Ferrieri studied at Milan Polytechnic Institute. She graduated with a degree in architecture in 1943. She also worked closely with Franco Albini and admired his neo-rationalist ideals. Anna Castelli Ferrieri married Giulio Castelli and the couple led the way in Italian modern design throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s. Anna Castelli Ferrieri is most known for her use of alternative materials such as metal and polyurethane. Through her use of plastics, a fairly unused material at the time, she was able to create novel forms that were both elegant and functional. One of her best known works is the Componibili. Componibilis are stacking module storage pieces. These units have been described as, “Flexible, functional and practical.” and as “instantly endearing and slightly futuristic elegance that suits any situation with ease.” Today, even after 40 years of production the Componibili is still one of Kartell’s best selling furniture items.

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  • August, 06, 1918
  • Milan, Italy


  • June, 22, 2006
  • Milan, Italy

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