Angelo Infanti (Angelo Infanti)

Angelo  Infanti

Actor. Out of a long career with more than 100 films to his credit, he shall be remembered as Fabrizio, the traitorous bodyguard of the 1972 classic “The Godfather”. Infanti made his silver screen debut in 1961 in “Il bacio…tu baci”. He remained active in Italian movies to the end of his life, attracting some attention in the low-budget “Spaghetti Westerns” of the early 1970s. His role as Fabrizio saw him supposedly “protecting” Michael Corleone in Italy, but actually hired to murder him on behalf of the Barzini Family in New York; through a mischance Michael’s first wife Apollonia is killed instead. (Different versions of Fabrizio receiving Corleone “justice” were shot for “The Godfather” and “The Godfather Part II”, but none were used in the films). Infanti continued his work, seeing the release of his final movie, “Prigioniero du un segreto” in July, 2010. He died of a heart attack after becoming ill at his Zagarolo home.

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  • February, 16, 1939
  • Italy


  • October, 12, 2010
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