Angela McEwan (Angela McEwan)

Angela McEwan

American Actress. McEwan was an actress who was prominent in television and film, where her most famous role was of Peg Nagy in the 2013 film “Nebraska”. She worked as a criminal court Spanish interpreter before getting into acting.  McEwan started acting in short films after her gastroenterologist husband retired and soon got into television and films.   Her television credits included bit parts in “Parks and Recreation”, “New Girl”, and “Getting On”.    McEwan’s most acclaimed role came in the film “Nebraska” (2013) where she played a small town newspaper editor.   Her other film credits included “Moments of Clarity” (2015) and her last film “Boonville Redemption” which is in post production.   She passed from complications from lung cancer. (bio by: Mr. Badger Hawkeye)


  • April, 23, 1934
  • USA


  • December, 12, 2015


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