Andrew Grant DeYoung (Andrew Grant DeYoung)

Andrew Grant DeYoung

Andrew Grant DeYoung

On October 13, 1995, Andrew DeYoung was convicted of the murders of his parents, Gary and Kathryn DeYoung, as well as his 14-year-old sister, Sarah. According to the prosecution, DeYoung killed his family in order to collect an inheritance from their estate, which DeYoung estimated to be worth approximately $480,000.  On June 14, 1993, Andrew repeatedly stabbed his mother, Kathryn, while she was sleeping. Awakened by her screams, Gary DeYoung struggled with Andrew before also being killed. Sarah was then stabbed to death in the hallway outside her parents’ bedroom. An accomplice, David Michael Hagerty, had been assigned to kill Andrew’s brother Nathan, but Nathan escaped through a bedroom window and ran to a neighbor’s house for help.  DeYoung was interested primarily in philosophy. He also spent time studying a variety of other topics, including mathematics (calculus, surreal math), the sciences (physics, astronomy, quantum mechanics), financial topics (investing, the economy), and politics. His favorite magazines were Discover and Inc.  DeYoung was executed by the state of Georgia in H-5 of the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison (GDCP) in Jackson, Georgia for murder. DeYoung was 37 when he died. His last words were “I’m sorry to everyone I hurt. I love you Dawn. Remember to smile.”


  • May, 12, 1974


  • July, 21, 2011
  • Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison, Jackson, Georgia

Cause of Death

  • execution by lethal injection



    • Unknown

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