Andrew Engeldinger (Andrew Engeldinger Engeldinger)

Andrew Engeldinger

The shooting took place at Accent Signage Systems, a sign-making business located in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood of Minneapolis, which is bisected by Interstate 394. Andrew John Engeldinger, an employee of the firm, was called over to the office of operations director John Souter. Before going to the executive offices, Engeldinger first went to his car, apparently to retrieve a Glock 19 9mm handgun. When he was informed by Souter that he was losing his job, Andrew Engeldinger responded with “Oh, really?” and took out the handgun from his holster. A struggle over the handgun ensued between Engeldinger, Souter, and top manager Rami Cooks; gunshots severely wounded Souter and fatally wounded Cooks. Engeldinger then left Souter’s office, shooting and killing company founder Reuven Rahamim, who was stepping out of his office, which was next to Souter’s. He then left the executive offices and entered a sign-display area, killing Jacob Beneke, an employee from Maple Grove. Andrew Engeldinger then moved on to the loading dock area, where he shot and killed a second employee, Ronald Edberg of Brooklyn Center. He also killed Keith Basinski, a UPS driver who was on a delivery, as he was seated in his truck. Engeldinger then entered the production floor and continued firing, fatally wounding production manager Eric Rivers and grazing another employee.

The first 911 phone calls made from the business were at 4:35 p.m., when someone called in saying gunshots were being fired. The first officers that arrived on scene managed to escort some people out of the building during the assault. The shooting killed four people at the scene and another victim died the next day. Three others were treated at Hennepin County Medical Center, two of them for critical injuries; one of these victims later died on October 10. Andrew Engeldinger died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a warehouse in the workplace’s basement.

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  • January, 01, 1976
  • USA
  • Richfield, Minnesota


  • September, 27, 2012
  • USA
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cause of Death

  • self inflicted gunshot wound

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