• Horatio Greenough

    1805 - 1852

    Horatio Greenough (1805 - 1852)

    Sculptor. Born in Boston, Greenough showed his interest in art at a young age and was informally trained by acquaintances. After graduating from Phillips Academy, he went to Harvard, where he was mentored by painter Washington Allston before graduating in 1821. Greenough was especially interested in antiquity and traveled to Rome, Florence, and other parts […]

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  • Horst Buchholz

    1933 - 2003

    Horst Buchholz (1933 - 2003)

    Horst Buchholz was born in Berlin, the son of Maria Hasenkamp. He never knew his biological father, but took the surname of his stepfather Hugo Buchholz, a shoemaker, whom his mother married in 1938. His half-sister Heidi, born in 1941, gave him the nickname “Hotte”, which he kept for the rest of his life. During […]

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  • Horst Janssen

    1929 - 1995

    Horst Janssen (1929 - 1995)

    Painter, Honour citizen of Oldenburg.  Family links:  Spouse:  Beatrice R Walker (1922 – 2011)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Horton Foote

    1916 - 2009

    Horton Foote (1916 - 2009)

    Foote began as an actor after studying at the Pasadena Playhouse in 1931–32. After getting better reviews for plays he had written than his acting, he focused on writing in the 1940s and became one of the leading writers for television during the 1950s, beginning with an episode of The Gabby Hayes Show. The Trip […]

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  • Houston Antwine

    1939 - 2011

    Houston Antwine (1939 - 2011)

    Professional Football Player. For twelve seasons (1961 to 1972), he played at the defensive-tackle position in the American and National Football Leagues with the Boston/New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. Raised in Tennessee where he attended Manassas High School, he played collegiate football at Southern Illinois University, while also earning the NAIA Wrestling Champion title. […]

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  • Houston Stewart Chamberlain

    1855 - 1927

    Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855 - 1927)

    Philosopher. Chamberlain’s most famous work, “The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century” (1916), argued for the superiority of the “Aryan”, Germanic peoples and attacked Jews as being degenerate. Among the people he influenced was Hitler, and they met at least once before Hitler came to power. Chamberlain was associated with the composer Richard Wagner and married […]

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  • Howard Arden Edwards

    1884 - 1953

    Howard Arden Edwards (1884 - 1953)

    20th century artist, architect, and collector of prehistoric and historic American Indian artifacts. He designed and built an unusual Swiss Chalet style home in Antelope Valley, California…the middle of the Mojave Desert, for he and his family. This historic structure has since become the Antelope Valley Indian Museum. (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family links:  Spouse: […]

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  • Howard Baker

    1925 - 2014

    Howard Baker (1925 - 2014)

    Howard Baker began his political career in 1964, when he lost to the liberal Democrat Ross Bass in a U.S. Senate election to fill the unexpired term of the late Senator Estes Kefauver. In the 1966 U.S. Senate election for Tennessee, Bass lost the Democratic primary to former Governor Frank G. Clement, and Baker handily […]

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  • Howard C Miller

    1905 - 1995

    Howard C Miller (1905 - 1995)

    Founder of the Howard Miller Clock Company.  Family links:  Parents:  Herman Miller (1868 – 1948)  Nellie Breen Miller (1871 – 1939)  Spouse:  Martha M Muller Miller (1902 – 1999)  Siblings:  Howard C Miller (1905 – 1995)  Margaret Miller Harvery-Smith (1907 – 1970)*  Earl Keith Miller (1912 – 1965)* *Calculated relationshipCause of death: Natural causes

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  • Howard Caine

    1926 - 1993

    Howard Caine (1926 - 1993)

    Howard Caine was born on January 2, 1926, in Nashville, Tennessee, into a Jewish family. At the age of 13, Cohen moved with his family to New York City, where he began studying acting. Learning to erase his Southern accent, he went on to became a master of 32 foreign and American dialects. Caine served […]

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  • Howard Carpenter Marmon

    1876 - 1943

    Howard Carpenter Marmon (1876 - 1943)

    Industrialist,  Automotive Innovator. Howard attend Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana and then at the University of California where he was obtained a degree in engineering. The Marmon family prospered in the manufacturing of flour milling machinery with the Nordyke and Marmon Company which was established in 1851. Sons of the co-founder, Howard and Walter Marmon […]

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  • Howard Carter

    1874 - 1939

    Howard Carter (1874 - 1939)

    Scientist, Archeologist. Born in 1874 to Samuel and Martha Joyce (Sands) Carter in Kensington. He was a sickly child of humble origin having had, as a result, no old school ties to his name. He was, however, educated as an artist by his father, who was an accomplished and well-known draughtsman himself. As an infant […]

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  • Howard Cosell

    1918 - 1995

    Howard Cosell (1918 - 1995)

    Howard Cosell Television Sportscaster. He gained wide fame and acclaim during his tenure as a football commentator on ABC’s “Monday Night Football”. Born Howard William Cohen in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he attended New York University, where he received a degree in law and was admitted to the New York […]

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  • Howard Da Silva

    1909 - 1986

    Howard Da Silva (1909 - 1986)

    Da Silva appeared in a number of Broadway musicals, including the role of Larry Foreman in the legendary first production of Marc Blitzstein’s musical, The Cradle Will Rock (1937). Later, he costarred in the original 1943 stage production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!, playing the role of the psychopathic Jud Fry. He was the easygoing […]

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  • Howard Duff

    1913 - 1990

    Howard Duff (1913 - 1990)

    Howard Duff was born in Charleston, now part of Bremerton, Washington. He graduated in 1932 from Roosevelt High School in Seattle, where he began acting in school plays after he was cut from the school basketball team. Thereafter, he worked locally in the theater in Seattle until he entered the United States Army Air Corps […]

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  • Howard Finster

    1916 - 2001

    Howard Finster (1916 - 2001)

    Artist. Born in Valley Hood, Alabama. A former traveling Baptist preacher and bicycle repairman, he was known for making over 47,000 works of art using various components. He also painted album covers for R.E.M. and Talking Heads, as well as special olympic-themed Coke bottle art for Coca-Cola. The largest collection of his works can be […]

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  • Howard Green Duff

    1913 - 1990

    Howard Green Duff (1913 - 1990)

    Actor. Son of Carlton Edward & Hazel (Green) Duff. Born in Charleston, Washington, he was a versatile performer of film, television, stage and radio. He began his career acting in stage productions in the late 1930s, until he entered the military during the Second World War where he was assigned to the Army Air Force’s […]

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  • Howard Johnson

    1897 - 1972

    Howard Johnson (1897 - 1972)

    Ice Cream and Hotel Magnate. Howard Johnson was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1897. He quit school in the eighth grade to work in his father’s cigar store. Johnson served in World War I as a part of the American Expeditionary Force. Soon after Johnson’s return, his father died, leaving him the business and its […]

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  • Howard Martin Temin

    1934 - 1994

    Howard Martin Temin (1934 - 1994)

    Howard Martin Temin’s first exposure to experimental science was during his time at the California Institute of Technology as a graduate student in laboratory of Professor Renato Dulbecco. Temin originally studied embryology at CIT, but after about a year and a half, he switched to animal virology. He became interested Dulbecco’s lab after a chance […]

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  • Howard Morris

    1919 - 2005

    Howard Morris (1919 - 2005)

    Morris was born to a Jewish family in The Bronx, New York, the son of Elsie and Hugo Morris, a rubber company executive. During World War II he was assigned to a United States Army Special Services unit where he was the First Sergeant. Maurice Evans was the company commander and Carl Reiner and Werner […]

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  • Howard Primrose Whidden

    1871 - 1952

    Howard Primrose Whidden (1871 - 1952)

    Longest serving Chancellor (now called President) of McMaster University of Toronto when he began his term (1923) and Hamilton, Ontario at the end of his term (1941). He was a Baptist minister, writer, educator, editor, politician (MP, Brandon, Manitoba, Unionist party 1917). His son, Howard Primrose Whidden became senior editor of Business Week magazine. Cause […]

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  • Howard Robard Hughes, Sr

    1869 - 1924

    Howard Robard Hughes, Sr (1869 - 1924)

    Inventor. The father of Howard Hughes Jr., he invented the 64 tooth drill bit used to cut through hard rock while drilling for oil, it is still used today. The wealth he accumulated went to his son. (bio by: mike)  Family links:  Parents:  Felix Turner Hughes (1837 – 1926)  Jean Amelia Summerlin Hughes (1842 – […]

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  • Howard Unruh

    1921 - 2009

    Howard Unruh (1921 - 2009)

    Howard Unruh was the son of Samuel Shipley Unruh and Freda E. Vollmer. He had a younger brother, James; they were raised by their mother after the parents separated. Unruh grew up in East Camden, attended Cramer Junior High School, and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in January 1939. The Woodrow Wilson High School […]

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  • Howard Vernon

    1914 - 1996

    Howard Vernon (1914 - 1996)

    Howard Vernon (15 July 1914 — 25 July 1996) was a Swiss actor. Vernon was born Mario Lippert in Baden, Switzerland, to a Swiss father and an American mother, and was fluent in German, English, and French. Originally a stage and radio actor, he worked primarily in France and became a well-known supporting actor after 1945 […]

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  • Hoyt Axton

    1938 - 1999

    Hoyt Axton (1938 - 1999)

    Hoyt Axton His mother, Mae Boren Axton, co-wrote the classic rock ‘n’ roll song “Heartbreak Hotel“, which became the first major hit for Elvis Presley. Some of Hoyt’s own songs were also later recorded by Elvis. Axton’s father, John T. Axton, was a Naval officer stationed in Jacksonville, Florida; the family joined him there in […]

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  • Hubert Beuve-Mery

    1902 - 1989

    Hubert Beuve-Mery (1902 - 1989)

    He founded the great french Newspaper “Le Monde.”

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  • Hubert Howe Bancroft

    1832 - 1918

    Hubert Howe Bancroft (1832 - 1918)

    Historian.  Authored 39 volumes of the history of the West, 11 volumes on California (containing 8,800 pages).  Banned from the Society of California Pioneers for reporting the truth about John Sutter, John C. Freemont and other paragons of the past.  Family links:  Parents:  Azariah Ashley Bancroft (1798 – 1885)  Lucy Damaris Howe Bancroft (1799 – […]

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  • Hubert Humphrey

    1911 - 1978

    Hubert Humphrey (1911 - 1978)

    Hubert Horatio Humphrey, Jr. (May 27, 1911 – January 13, 1978) was an American politician who served as the 38th Vice President of the United States under President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1965 to 1969. Humphrey twice served in the United States Senate, representing Minnesota from 1949 to 1964 and 1971 to 1978. He was […]

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  • Hugh Beaumont

    1909 - 1982

    Hugh Beaumont (1909 - 1982)

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  • Hugh Brannum

    1910 - 1987

    Hugh Brannum (1910 - 1987)

    During World War II, Hugh Brannum enlisted in the US Marine Corps and joined a Marine band led by Bob Crosby. After the war, he joined the Four Squires, later moving to Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians; Waring’s group had a regular radio show, where Hugh met fellow Marine Bob Keeshan, an employee at the […]

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