• Susannah York

    1939 - 2011

    Susannah York (1939 - 2011)

    York was born Susannah Yolande Fletcher in Chelsea, London, in 1939, the younger daughter of Simon William Peel Vickers Fletcher (1910–2002), a merchant banker and steel magnate, and his first wife, the former Joan Nita Mary Bowring – they married in 1935 and divorced prior to 1943. Her maternal grandfather was Walter Andrew Bowring, CBE, […]

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  • Susanne Lothar

    1960 - 2012

    Susanne Lothar (1960 - 2012)

    Susanne Lothar Susanne Lothar (15 November 1960 – 21 July 2012) was a German film, television and stage actress. Early life and education Susanne Lothar was born on 15 November 1960 in Hamburg, Germany. She was the daughter of actors Hanns Lothar and Ingrid Andree, who divorced in 1965, the year before her father’s death. […]

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  • Susie Garrett

    1929 - 2002

    Susie Garrett (1929 - 2002)

    Actress. Susie Garrett had rolls on  ‘Punky Brewster’ and ”The Jeffersons’. She played Betty Johnson on “Punky Brewster” and also appeared in 10 episodes of the CBS television show called “The Jefferson’s”, that featured an African American family’s rise into high society.  Susie has a sister who is also an actress, Marla Gibbs, who played […]

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  • Susie Marshall Sharp

    1907 - 1996

    Susie Marshall Sharp (1907 - 1996)

    The first woman state Supreme Court Chief Justice in the United States. The first woman Superior Court Judge in North Carolina. Susie Sharp attended Reidsville Public Schools, North Carolina College for Women, and the University of North Carolina Law School. In 1928 she became licensed to practice law and joined her father, James Sharp, in […]

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  • Suso Cecchi D’Amico

    1914 - 2010

    Suso Cecchi D’Amico (1914 - 2010)

    Screenwriter. In a long career, she authored the scripts for well over 100 Italian films. Born Giovanna Cecchi to a distinguished artistic family, she was quickly renamed “Susanna”, which eventually got shortened to “Suso”; after education in Switzerland and England, she worked as a government secretary and translator, and in 1938 married journalist Fedele D’Amico […]

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  • Suzan Ball

    1934 - 1955

    Suzan Ball (1934 - 1955)

    Actress.  Suzan Ball was the oldest child of Howard Ball and Marleah “Molly” O’Leary. Although given the name “Susan”, she changed the spelling to “Suzan” early in her career.  Her family relocated from New York, to Detroit, Michigan, to Miami, Florida before settling in Hollywood, California in 1941. Starting as a mere teenager, she sang […]

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  • Suzan Farmer

    1942 - 2017

    Suzan Farmer (1942 - 2017)

    Suzan Maxine Farmer (16 June 1942 – 17 September 2017) was an English film and television actress. She appeared in an episode of the Patrick McGoohan series Danger Man entitled “No Marks for Servility” and also featured in many other ITC series in the 1960s and 70s including UFO, Man in a Suitcase, The Persuaders!, […]

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  • Suzanna Kim

    1907 - 1992

    Suzanna Kim (1907 - 1992)

    Actress. She appeared in “Singing Marine,” and the film classic “The Good Earth.” (bio by: A.J. Marik)

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  • Suzanne Basso

    1954 - 2014

    Suzanne Basso (1954 - 2014)

    Basso was born on May 15, 1954 to a family from Schenectady, New York. She was one of eight children born to Florence (née Garrow) and John Richard Burns. Florence was the elder sister of spree killer Robert Garrow. Of the three girls in the family, she was the youngest.  She married a Marine named […]

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  • Suzanne Corkin

    1937 - 2016

    Suzanne Corkin (1937 - 2016)

    Suzanne Corkin (May 18, 1937 – May 24, 2016) was a Professor of Neuroscience, Emeritus, in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT, and was head of the Corkin Lab. She was born Suzanne Janet Hammond in Hartford, Connecticut, the daughter of Lester and Mabelle Dowling Hammond. Her research focused on the study of patients […]

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  • Suzanne Crough

    1963 - 2015

    Suzanne Crough (1963 - 2015)

    On The Partridge Family, Crough played Tracy Partridge, the youngest Partridge sibling, who played the tambourine. After The Partridge Family, she made several TV movies and made guest appearances on television shows, including Mulligan’s Stew. Her last credited on-screen role was as Kate in the 1980 TV movie Children of Divorce.  Crough graduated from Los […]

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  • Suzanne Danco

    1911 - 2000

    Suzanne Danco (1911 - 2000)

    Suzanne Danco was born in Brussels and grew up in a Flemish background, although French was her native language. She studied piano, music history and singing at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, and in 1936 won a vocal competition in Vienna after which conductor Erich Kleiber recommended that she continue her studies in Prague with […]

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  • Suzanne Flon

    1918 - 2005

    Suzanne Flon (1918 - 2005)

    Suzanne Flon (28 January 1918 – 15 June 2005) was a French film actress. Her father was a railway worker and her mother crafted jewelry. Prior to becoming an actress, Suzanne Flon worked as an English translator at the Paris department store Au Printemps and then as personal secretary to Édith Piaf. Suzanne Flon’s stage credits included plays […]

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  • Suzanne Grandais

    1893 - 1920

    Suzanne Grandais (1893 - 1920)

    Actress. Nicknamed “The Mary Pickford of France” for her angelic looks, she was one of her country’s most popular screen idols of the World War I era.  Born Suzanne Gueudret in Paris,  she started out as a professional dancer and made her film debut in 1910.  Director Louis Feuillade brought her to the Gaumont studio […]

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  • Suzanne Kaaren

    1912 - 2004

    Suzanne Kaaren (1912 - 2004)

    Suzanne Kaaren attended Erasmus Hall High School and Hunter College before being signed by 20th Century Fox in September 1933. In 1931, she won a high-jumping contest in a New York City school contest. Her parents refused to let her compete in the Olympic Games. She collected butterflies as a hobby and had several books […]

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  • Suzanne Krull

    1966 - 2013

    Suzanne Krull (1966 - 2013)

    Actress. A noted character performer, she later became a respected screenwriter. Raised in New York City, she started writing while still a small child, attended Brooklyn’s South Shore High School, and after moving to Southern California graduated from Agoura High School. Suzanne returned to the Big Apple to study for two years at the American […]

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  • Suzanne Pleshette

    1937 - 2008

    Suzanne Pleshette (1937 - 2008)

    Reviewers described her appearance and demeanor as sardonic and her voice as sultry. Suzanne Pleshette began her career as a stage actress. She made her Broadway debut in Meyer Levin’s 1957 play Compulsion, adapted from his novel inspired by the Leopold and Loeb case. The following year she performed in the debut of The Cold Wind […]

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  • Suzanne Ridgeway

    1918 - 1996

    Suzanne Ridgeway (1918 - 1996)

    Actress. She appeared in over 40 movies in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, including “Gone With the Wind”, “The Road To Morocco”, and “The Best Years Of Our Lives”. She also appeared in a number of Three Stooges shorts, including “Loose Loot” and “Tricky Dicks”. Upon her passing, she was cremated and her ashes were […]

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  • Suzy Parker

    1932 - 2003

    Suzy Parker (1932 - 2003)

    Suzy Parker and two of her sisters were tall, all measuring between 5’10” and 6’1″. Sister Dorian (who modelled under the name Dorian Leigh) was the sole exception, standing 5’5″. In 1944, Dorian worked as an advertising copy writer when a coworker encouraged her to go to the Conover Modeling Agency. Dorian was one of […]

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  • Suzy Prim

    1896 - 1991

    Suzy Prim (1896 - 1991)

    Actress. She was born in Paris and died in Boulogne-Billancourt (France). She is best remembered for films such as Le Crime du Grand-Père (1921), La Reine Lumière (1921), La Peur (1936), Mayerling (1936), Arsène Lupin Détective (1937), Les Anges Noirs (1937), Cas de Conscience (1939), L’Étrange Suzy (1941), Untel Père et Fils (1943), Triple Enquête […]

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  • Svante Arrhenius

    1859 - 1927

    Svante Arrhenius (1859 - 1927)

    Arrhenius was born on February 19, 1859 at Vik (also spelled Wik or Wijk), near Uppsala, Sweden, the son of Svante Gustav and Carolina Thunberg Arrhenius. His father had been a land surveyor for Uppsala University, moving up to a supervisory position. At the age of three, Arrhenius taught himself to read without the encouragement […]

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  • Sven Nykvist

    1922 - 2006

    Sven Nykvist (1922 - 2006)

    Sven Nykvist was born in Moheda, Kronobergs län, Sweden. His parents were Lutheran missionaries who spent most of their lives in the Belgian Congo, so Nykvist was raised by relatives in Sweden and saw his parents rarely. His father was a keen amateur photographer of African wildlife, whose activities may have sparked Nykvist’s interest in […]

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  • Sy Berger

    1923 - 2014

    Sy Berger (1923 - 2014)

    Designer. Known as “The Father of the modern day baseball card”, Berger (while an employee at the Topps Company) created a revolutionary appearance for the baseball trading card which evolved from a hobby into a multi-million dollar business. Born Seymour Perry Berger, he served with the United States Army Air Forces during World War II […]

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  • Syan Blake

    1970 - 2015

    Syan Blake (1970 - 2015)

    Actress. Born Sian Blake, she will best be remembered for playing soul singer Frankie Pierre on the long-running BBC soap, ‘EastEnders’ between 1996 and ’97. She discovered she had a talent for acting at primary school and appeared in local plays before studying for three years at Guilford School of Acting. After college she landed […]

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  • Sybil Christopher

    1929 - 2013

    Sybil Christopher (1929 - 2013)

    Sybil Williams was born on 27 March 1929, in Tylorstown, Mid Glamorgan. She attended the London Academy of Dramatic Arts (now LAMDA), meeting Richard Burton during the filming of The Last Days of Dolwyn (1949). After their marriage, she retired from acting, performing only a few times, and generally on stage rather than on film. […]

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  • Sybil Jason

    1927 - 2011

    Sybil Jason (1927 - 2011)

    Child Actress. Sometimes known as “Britain’s answer to Shirley Temple”. Born Sybil Jacobson, the daughter of a shoe salesman and the niece of orchestra leader Harry Jacobson, she moved with her family to London at an early age. At five years old, she was performing in London-area clubs, entertaining patrons with her Maurice Chevalier impersonations […]

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  • Sybil Seely

    1902 - 1984

    Sybil Seely (1902 - 1984)

    Actress.  Although her Hollywood career was brief,  she is fondly remembered for playing Buster Keaton’s romantic interest in his early starring comedies.  Unlike the helpless women who tended to populate The Great Stoneface’s later films,  Seely was feisty,  playful and sexy,  not to mention spirited enough to take part in the messier (and more dangerous) […]

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  • Sybil Thorndike

    1882 - 1976

    Sybil Thorndike (1882 - 1976)

    Sybil Thorndike was born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, to Arthur Thorndike and Agnes Macdonald. Her father was a Canon of Rochester Cathedral. She was educated at Rochester Grammar School for Girls, and first trained as a classical pianist, making weekly visits to London for music lessons at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Her childhood home […]

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  • Sybille Schmitz

    1909 - 1955

    Sybille Schmitz (1909 - 1955)

    Actress.  Born in Duren,  Germany,  she got her first engagement at Max Reinhardt’s Deutsches Theater Berlin in 1927. A year later she made her film debut with “Freie Fahrt”, which won her immediate attention from the critics. Schmitz’s other movies include “Tagebuch einer Verlorenen” (1929), “Vampire” (1932), and  “F.P. 1 antwortet nicht” (1932). Her career […]

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  • Syd Field

    1935 - 2013

    Syd Field (1935 - 2013)

    Sydney Alvin Field (December 19, 1935 − November 17, 2013) was an American screenwriting guru who wrote several books on the subject of screenwriting. He also conducted workshops and seminars on the subject of producing salable screenplays. Hollywood film producers have increasingly used his ideas on structure as a guideline to a proposed screenplay’s potential. […]

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