• Asa Smith Bushnell

    1834 - 1904

    Asa Smith Bushnell (1834 - 1904)

    Ohio Governor, Business Executive. Born in Rome, New York, he moved to Ohio with his parents in 1846 and settled near Cincinnati. He moved to Springfield, Ohio in 1852 and found employment at a dry goods store. During the Civil War, he helped to organize a company of volunteers for one hundred days service. The […]

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  • Asger Jorn

    1914 - 1973

    Asger Jorn (1914 - 1973)

    Painter. He is considered one of the most important Danish artists of the post-World War II period. From 1936 to 1937 he stayed in Paris as a pupil of Fernand Léger. In 1948 he founded the Cobra Group together with Belgian and Dutch artists, and from 1956 he lived abroad, mainly in Paris. His first […]

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  • Asger Jorn

    1914 - 1973

    Asger Jorn (1914 - 1973)

    Painter. He is considered one of the most important Danish artists of the post-World War II period. From 1936 to 1937 he stayed in Paris as a pupil of Fernand Léger. In 1948 he founded the Cobra Group together with Belgian and Dutch artists, and from 1956 he lived abroad, mainly in Paris. His first […]

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  • Asher Brown Durand

    1796 - 1886

    Asher Brown Durand (1796 - 1886)

    Artist. A naturalist landscape painter, he became an important part of the Hudson River School American art movement during the mid-19th century. Born the 8th of 11 children in Jefferson Village (now Maplewood), New Jersey, his father was a watchmaker and silversmith. From 1812 until 1817 he apprenticed with engraver Peter Maverick in Newark, New […]

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  • Asher Tyler

    1798 - 1875

    Asher Tyler (1798 - 1875)

    US Congressman. He graduated from Hamilton College in 1817, studied law and became a lawyer in Ellicottville, Cattaraugus County. He was Agent for the Devereaux Land Company and then the Erie Railroad, and was also involved in local politics and government. In 1842 he was elected to the US House of Representatives as a Whig […]

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  • Ashina Kibibi

    1970 - 2005

    Ashina Kibibi (1970 - 2005)

    Actress. She produced and acted in the soap opera “Tausi” as well as several other Kenyan television shows. She built on her success as Kenya’s most popular actress by exporting her programs to other African nations. She was so popular in Tanzania, that on a recent visit police had a difficult time keeping the thousands […]

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  • Ashton Dearholt

    1894 - 1942

    Ashton Dearholt (1894 - 1942)

    Motion Picture Actor. He worked with Universal on a number of melodramas during the 1910s but usually worked outside the studio system. During the 1930s, Dearholt was known for his low-budget films. He occasionally acted under the name Richard Holt and became famous for his association with author Edgar Rice Burroughs. During filming of “The […]

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  • Askold

    1970 - 1970

    Askold (1970 - 1970)

    Legendary founder of Kiev. Modern scholarship holds that Askold was apparently Rurik’s trusted man but was neither a relative nor an aristocrat. As Rurik’s agent to Constantinople, he discovered a settlement that would become Kiev while en route along the Dnieper. He claimed it as his capital from which he ruled over the Polans, a […]

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  • Assar Gabrielsson

    1891 - 1962

    Assar Gabrielsson (1891 - 1962)

    Swedish Idustrialist and co-founder of Volvo. In 1924 he teamed with Gustaf Larson and founded Volvo, and the first Volvo was produced three years later, 1927. He was the company’s vice-president for 30 years, 1926-1956 and subsequently Chairman of the board until his death.  (bio by: Peter Robsahm)

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  • Assunta Masiello Cantisano

    1892 - 1980

    Assunta Masiello Cantisano (1892 - 1980)

    Businesswoman. She was one of the two founders of Ragu Foods, International. (bio by: Kevin Mannara)  Family links:  Spouse:  Giovanni Cantisano (1886 – 1973)

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  • Asta Nielsen

    1881 - 1972

    Asta Nielsen (1881 - 1972)

    Asta Sofie Amalie Nielsen was born in the Vesterbro section of Copenhagen, Denmark, the daughter of an often unemployed blacksmith and a washerwoman. Nielsen’s family moved several times during her childhood while her father sought employment. They lived for several years in Malmö, Sweden where her father worked in a corn millery and then a […]

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  • Astrid Allwyn

    1905 - 1978

    Astrid Allwyn (1905 - 1978)

    Astrid Allwyn (November 27, 1905 – March 31, 1978) was an American stage and film actress.  She studied dancing and dramatics in New York and later joined a stock company. Allwyn made her Broadway debut in 1929 in Elmer Rice’s Street Scene. On the strength of her performance in Once in a Lifetime, she was […]

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  • Astrid Lindgren

    1907 - 2002

    Astrid Lindgren (1907 - 2002)

    Astrid Lindgren grew up in Näs, near Vimmerby, Småland, Sweden, and many of her books are based on her family and childhood memories and landscapes. Lindgren was the daughter of Samuel August Ericsson and Hanna Jonsson. She had two sisters, Stina and Ingegerd, and a brother, Gunnar Ericsson, who eventually became a member of the Swedish […]

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  • Astrid Varnay

    1918 - 2006

    Astrid Varnay (1918 - 2006)

    Both her parents were Hungarian and born in small towns in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but she was born in Stockholm, Sweden, where her parents were living during part of World War I. During a Da Capo interview in 2012 Varany claimed that although she was born in Stockholm, her ancestry was Hungarian, French and German. […]

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  • Athene Seyler

    1889 - 1990

    Athene Seyler (1889 - 1990)

    Athene Seyler was educated at Coombe Hill School in Surrey, a progressive co-educational school which disliked petitionary prayer and whose advanced biology classes studied Darwin’s On The Origin of Species. Seyler took part in an anti-blood sports demonstration, during which pupils captured the fox from the local hunt. She was also active in the South Place […]

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  • Athole Shearer Hawks

    1900 - 1985

    Athole Shearer Hawks (1900 - 1985)

    Actress. Born in Quebec, Canada, she moved to Hollywood in 1919 and started obtaining minor film roles. She made her debut in “The Flapper” (1920), followed by “Way Down East” (1920) and “The Restless Sex” (1920). She was also the sister of actress Norma Shearer and was married to film director Howard Hawks. (bio by: […]

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  • Atilla Arcan

    1970 - 2015

    Atilla Arcan (1970 - 2015)

    Actor. Arcan, born Atilla Gurses, was an actor and comic who was well known for his appearances on television and film and also his impersonations of Turkish politicians during the 1990s. He was born to theatrical family with his father being a director and scriptwriter and was a familiar face in television and film during […]

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  • Atkinson Morley

    1970 - 1858

    Atkinson Morley (1970 - 1858)

    Left money with which the Atkinson Morley Hospital was built. He was a hotel proprietor.

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  • Aubrey Beardsley

    1872 - 1898

    Aubrey Beardsley (1872 - 1898)

    Artist-illustrator, pianist. Aubrey Beardsley, whose elegant, edgy and often erotic drawings helped to define the Art Nouveau style, first came to public attention as a musical child prodigy, giving piano recitals at the Royal Pavilion in his native Brighton, England. Stalked by tuberculosis nearly all of his brief life, he lived in the creative “fast […]

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  • Aubrey Beattie

    1970 - 1970

    Aubrey Beattie (1970 - 1970)

    Stage and Screen Actor. His silent films include “Motherhood” (1917), “Hedda Gabler” (1917) and “Life’s Greatest Problem” (1918). His performances on stage included “The Ninety and Nine” (1902), “Another Man’s Shoes”(1918), and “She Got What She Wanted” (1929).  (bio by: Ginny M)  Family links:  Spouse:  Zaida A. Wright Beattie (1872 – 1937)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Aubrey Bodine

    1906 - 1970

    Aubrey Bodine (1906 - 1970)

    Aubrey Bodine was an American photographer and photojournalist for the Baltimore Sun‘s Sunday Sun Magazine, also known as the brown section, for fifty years. Bodine is known for his images of Maryland landmarks and traditions. Bodine’s books include My Maryland, Chesapeake Bay and Tidewater, Face of Maryland, Face of Virginia, and Guide to Baltimore and Annapolis. He was born July 21, 1906, in Baltimore, Maryland. After entering professional photography […]

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  • Aud Schønemann Pande-Rolfsen

    1922 - 2006

    Aud Schønemann Pande-Rolfsen (1922 - 2006)

    Norwegian Actress.  Daughter of actors’ August Schønemann (1891–1925) and Dagmar Kristensen (1901–1987). Married to actor Jan Pande-Rolfsen from 1948. Being both a dramatic actress as well as a world class comedienne, she became one of Norway’s most beloved entertainer. Made her debut on stage in 1942 and went on to become a versatile performer. She […]

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  • Audie Murphy

    1924 - 1971

    Audie Murphy (1924 - 1971)

    Audie Murphy On 28 May 1971, Murphy was killed when the private plane in which he was a passenger crashed into Brush Mountain, near Catawba, Virginia, 20 miles (32 km) west of Roanoke in conditions of rain, clouds, fog and zero visibility. The pilot and four other passengers were also killed.[180] The aircraft was a twin-engine […]

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  • Audra Lindley

    1918 - 1997

    Audra Lindley (1918 - 1997)

    Born in Los Angeles, California, Audra Lindley was the daughter of show business parents. Her father was Bert Lindley, an actor who played small roles from 1917 through 1937. She got her early start in Hollywood by being a stand-in, which eventually progressed to stunt work, and eventually became a contract player with Warner Brothers. […]

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  • Audre Joan Monture Knecht

    1930 - 1989

    Audre Joan Monture Knecht (1930 - 1989)

    Born Audrey Monture, she dropped the “y” when she became on actress. She acted on Stage and Film during the 40’s and 50’s, appearing in minor roles in such films as “The Luck of Ginger Coffey” and “Niagara” among others. She co-hosted a talk radio program in Kankakee, IL under the name “Audre K”. In […]

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  • Audree Norton

    1927 - 2015

    Audree Norton (1927 - 2015)

    Actress. A pretty brunette, she is remembered as the first deaf performer to become a television regular. Born Audree Lauraine Bennett, she was raised in Minnesota, was deaf from age two due to meningitis, attended the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf, and in 1952 graduated from the famed Gallaudet University of Washington, DC. Also […]

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  • Audrey Hepburn

    1929 - 1993

    Audrey Hepburn (1929 - 1993)

    Actress. Her impressive career in film and theatre spanned 42 years, ending only with her death in 1993.  A vastly influential person and notable humanitarian, she received over fifty awards and international distinctions for her work in film and, later, for her efforts on behalf of children everywhere. Born in Brussels, Belgium, as a child, […]

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  • Audrey Lindvall

    1982 - 2006

    Audrey Lindvall (1982 - 2006)

    Born in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, to Randall (a pharmacist) and Laura Rasdall, she graduated from Lee’s Summit High School in June 2001. Growing up with four sisters and one brother, it was her sister, Michelle, that wanted to be a model. Michelle and her other sister Angela, went to local Kansas City fashion shows. It […]

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  • Audrey Long

    1922 - 2014

    Audrey Long (1922 - 2014)

    Audrey Long was born on April 14, 1922 in Orlando, Florida. She was educated at St. Margaret’s School for Girls in Tappahannock, Virginia, Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, California, and Disputana High School. Her father, C.S. Long, an Episcopal minister was a naturalized American citizen and served as a chaplain with the United […]

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  • Audrey Meadows

    1922 - 1996

    Audrey Meadows (1922 - 1996)

    After high school, Audrey Meadows sang in the Broadway musical Top Banana before becoming a regular on television in The Bob and Ray Show. She was then hired to play Alice on The Jackie Gleason Show after the actress who originated the role, Pert Kelton, was forced to leave the show due to blacklisting, although […]

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