• Annalisa Ericson

    1913 - 2011

    Annalisa Ericson (1913 - 2011)

    Actress, Dancer. Originally a ballerina, she was a star of the Swedish stage and screen for more than 70 years. Raised in Stockholm she began ballet lessons at five and quickly found work as a child dancer with the Royal Opera. She continued her appearances there until around 1930 when she made her silver screen […]

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  • Anne Bancroft

    1931 - 2005

    Anne Bancroft (1931 - 2005)

    Actress, Stage, Screen, Television. Her career spanned half a century. Anne Bancroft was a prolific award winner for her excellent acting. Nominated for an Academy Award four times, she won once then was a two time winner of both Tony and Emmy Awards. However, her role as ‘Mrs. Robinson’ in the “Graduate” was her defining […]

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  • Anne Bauchens

    1882 - 1967

    Anne Bauchens (1882 - 1967)

    Noted Film Editor. She worked as the editor on every Cecil B. DeMille film from 1919 on. It was also said that Mr. DeMille would not sign a contract to do a film unless Ms. Bauchens was also signed on. Oscar nominations/win for film editing: “The Ten Commandments” (1956),  “The Greatest Show on Earth” (1952), […]

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  • Anne Baxter

    1923 - 1985

    Anne Baxter (1923 - 1985)

    Actress. Anne Baxter was born in Michigan City, Indiana to a father salesman and her mother Catherine was the daughter of Frank Lloyd Wright. She arrived in New York City at age 11, attending various private schools. Possessing an acting talent and encouraged by her mother, Anne won a part at age 13 in a […]

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  • Anne Bracegirdle

    1970 - 1748

    Anne Bracegirdle (1970 - 1748)

    Actress. Born in the years between 1663 and 1671, records indicate that she was baptized in Northampton on November 15, 1671. She was reportedly raised under the care of the actor Thomas Betterton, who ran a company of players at the Cockpit in Drury Lane. Tradition has it that she made her stage debut in […]

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  • Anne Bradshaw Clopton

    1878 - 1956

    Anne Bradshaw Clopton (1878 - 1956)

    Artist. Anne Bradshaw was born during the summer of 1878 in Shelbyville, Tennessee. She was the first of six children. Her parents were both teachers, and young Anne had a strong desire to learn. When Anne was eleven years old she read in a magazine about a German artist who painted on the webs of […]

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  • Anne Bronte

    1820 - 1849

    Anne Bronte (1820 - 1849)

    British Novelist and Poet. Anne Bronte was one of the three Bronte sisters who became renowned authors, the others being Charlotte and Emily Bronte. Even though she wrote and published only two novels, she would become a major literary figure in her own right. She was born the youngest of six children in Thornton, West […]

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  • Anne Burr

    1920 - 2003

    Anne Burr (1920 - 2003)

    Actress. She was also known as Anne Burr McDermott. She was an actress who appeared on Broadway in New York City and appeared as Gloria LaRue Harper on “Guiding Light” as an original cast member from 1952 to 1954 on radio and television. She later appeared as another original cast member, Clare English Lowell Cassen […]

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  • Anne Canova

    1901 - 1994

    Anne Canova (1901 - 1994)

    Anne Canova Singer, Musician, Actress. Member of the singing/acting Canova family, which included sister Judy Canova

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  • Anne Cornwall

    1897 - 1980

    Anne Cornwall (1897 - 1980)

    Actress. Cornwall’s most important silent-screen appearance was as Buster Keaton’s girlfriend in “College” (1927). Cornwall is also remembered in the talking movie “Men O’ War” (1929) with Laurel and Hardy. (bio by: MC)  Family links:  Spouse:  Ellis Wing Taylor (1887 – 1951)* *Calculated relationship

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  • Anne Dudley Bradstreet

    1612 - 1672

    Anne Dudley Bradstreet (1612 - 1672)

    Poet. Born Anne Dudley to nonconformist parents Thomas Dudley and Dorothy Yorke Dudley in Northampton, England. Her father was the steward for the Earl of Lincoln and afforded his daughter an unusually complete education. About 1620 she married Simon Bradstreet, her father’s assistant. On March 29, 1630, Bradstreet and her family sailed for the New […]

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  • Anne Francis

    1930 - 2011

    Anne Francis (1930 - 2011)

    Actress. Born Anne Lloyd Francis, in Ossining, New York, she began her career in the entertainment industry initially at the age of five, when she was put under contract with the John Robert Powers Agency as a model and cover girl (in order to provide income for her family during “The Depression”). She moved onto […]

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  • Anne Frank

    1929 - 1970

    Anne Frank (1929 - 1970)

    Anne Frank Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank (Dutch pronunciation: [ɑnəˈlis maːˈri ˈɑnə ˈfrɑŋk], 12 June 1929 – early March 1945) was a diarist and writer. She was one of the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Her wartime diary The Diary of a Young Girl has been the basis for several plays and films. Born […]

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  • Anne Gwynne

    1918 - 2003

    Anne Gwynne (1918 - 2003)

    Anne Gwynne was born in Waco, Texas, the daughter of Pearl (née Guinn) and Jefferson Benjamin Trice, an apparel manufacturer. After her family moved to St. Louis, Missouri, she attended Stephens College, where she studied drama. While accompanying her father to a convention in Los Angeles, Gwynne obtained a job modeling for Catalina Swimwear. She soon […]

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  • Anne Haney

    1934 - 2001

    Anne Haney (1934 - 2001)

    Haney appeared in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Survivors” as Rishon Uxbridge, and later appeared as a Bajoran arbitrator in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Dax”. She was a regular guest-star during the syndicated run of Mama’s Family, playing Alberta Meechum, the nemesis of Thelma Harper. On Our House she […]

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  • Anne Jackson

    1925 - 2016

    Anne Jackson (1925 - 2016)

    Actress. Born Anna June Jackson to parents of European descent, her mother was of an Irish-Catholic background, Anne was raised in an apartment in Brooklyn. After choosing to pursue a career as a performer, she studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City. During this period, she met actor Eli Wallach who she would […]

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  • Anne James

    1932 - 2015

    Anne James (1932 - 2015)

    Actress. Born Delores Anne Sidener, her father was a Chicago police officer, her mother worked with Chicago’s Budget Office, she dreamed of becoming an opera singer. During her teens, she moved to Hollywood and experienced performing at the Greek Theater. This led to her being spotted by a Hollywood agent and a contract with Columbia […]

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  • Anne Jeffreys

    1923 - 2017

    Anne Jeffreys (1923 - 2017)

    Born Anne Carmichael on January 26, 1923 in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Anne Jeffreys entered the entertainment field at a young age, having her initial training in voice (she was an accomplished soprano). “She became a member of the New York Municipal Opera Company on a scholarship and sang the lead at Carnegie Hall in such […]

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  • Anne Meara

    1929 - 2015

    Anne Meara (1929 - 2015)

    Meara was born in Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of parents of Irish descent, Mary (née Dempsey) and Edward Joseph Meara, a lawyer. She was raised in Rockville Centre, New York on Long Island, an only child. When Anne was 11 years old, her mother committed suicide.  When she was 18, Meara spent a year […]

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  • Anne Nagel

    1915 - 1966

    Anne Nagel (1915 - 1966)

    Anne Nagel was born Anne Dolan in Boston, Massachusetts, Nagel was enrolled by her parents in a religious preparatory school with the expectation she would become a nun. But part-time work in her teens as a photographer’s model and membership in a Boston theater company turned her away from religious life.[citation needed] Meantime Nagel’s mother […]

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  • Anne Nichols

    1891 - 1966

    Anne Nichols (1891 - 1966)

    Actress, Writer. Born in Dales Mill, Georgia, she began her in the early 1900s as a play writer for Broadway productions which were later made into motion pictures. Her most noted works were “In the Hot Lands” (1911) and “Abie’s Irish Rose” (1922). She also produced and wrote “Hey Diddle, Diddle” (1937), which featured Lucille […]

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  • Anne O’Neal

    1893 - 1971

    Anne O’Neal (1893 - 1971)

    Actress. She was born Patsy Ann Epperson in Saint Louis, Missouri. A prolific character actress, best remembered for portraying roles as landladies, teachers, and secretaries, many of her over one hundred film roles were uncredited. She worked in the 1930s with the Columbia Pictures short-subject unit, serving as the foil for such comics as Andy […]

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  • Anne Pitoniak

    1922 - 2007

    Anne Pitoniak (1922 - 2007)

    Actress. She appeared on stage, in films and television,  and received Tony Award Nominations for her performances in the Broadway productions of ” ‘night, Mother” (1983) and “Picnic” (1994). After beginning her career during the 1940s on radio, she was seen in suc films as “The Survivors”  (1983),  “Agnes of God” (1985),  “Best Seller” (1987), […]

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  • Anne Ramsey

    1929 - 1988

    Anne Ramsey (1929 - 1988)

    Actress. Born Anne Mobley in Omaha, Nebraska, she performed in several Broadway productions in the 1950s and married actor Logan Ramsey in 1954. She began a career in Hollywood in the 1970s, appearing in films to include “The Sporting Club” (1971), “Rhinoceros” (1974), “Goin’ South” (1978), “Getting Physical” (1984) and “Scrooged” (1988). She is most […]

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  • Anne Revere

    1903 - 1990

    Anne Revere (1903 - 1990)

    Born in New York City, Anne Revere was a direct descendant of Boston silversmith and American Revolution hero Paul Revere. Her father, Clinton, was a stockbroker, and she was raised on the Upper West Side and in Westfield, New Jersey. In 1926, she graduated from Wellesley College, then enrolled at the American Laboratory School to […]

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  • Anne Seymour

    1909 - 1988

    Anne Seymour (1909 - 1988)

    Actress.  Appeared in “Field of Dreams,” “Big Top Pee-Wee,” and several other films. She was also a regular on the long-running television daytime drama, “General Hospital.”  Best remembered as Jane Wyman’s friend ‘Mrs. Amelia Tarbell’ in the movie “Pollyanna.” (bio by: The Perplexed Historian) Cause of death: Heart failure

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  • Anne Shirley

    1918 - 1993

    Anne Shirley (1918 - 1993)

    Born as Dawn Evelyeen Paris, in New York City, she began acting under the name of Dawn O’Day. She began acting at the age of five, and had a highly successful child star career in Pre-Code movies, appearing in such films as the 1930 version of Liliom, Tom Mix’s Riders of the Purple Sage, So […]

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  • Anne Sullivan

    1866 - 1936

    Anne Sullivan (1866 - 1936)

    Educator. Due to the death of her mother at an early age, she and her brother were sent to an orphanage. Because of her poor living conditions, she had health problems all her life and lost her sight at age 35. In 1887, she became governess to six-year-old Helen Keller. Using creativity and patience, she […]

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  • Anne Ward Murphy

    1970 - 2003

    Anne Ward Murphy (1970 - 2003)

    Actress. Born in Long Island, New York, she received a master’s degree in speech and education from Adelphi University, and later became a professor at Suffolk Community College, all while acting at the same time. She appeared in several stage plays including, “Snow White” “A Funny Thing Happened” “Can’t Take It With You” “A Chorus […]

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  • Anne Ward Murphy

    1970 - 2003

    Anne Ward Murphy (1970 - 2003)

    Actress. Born in Long Island, New York, she received a master’s degree in speech and education from Adelphi University, and later became a professor at Suffolk Community College, all while acting at the same time. She appeared in several stage plays including, “Snow White” “A Funny Thing Happened” “Can’t Take It With You” “A Chorus […]

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