• Austin Corbin

    1827 - 1896

    Austin Corbin (1827 - 1896)

    Businessman. Known as “Father of the Banking Industry”, his First National Bank of Davenport, Iowa was one of the first to open under the 1863 legislation which created the national bank system in the United States. Moving to New York City, New York, he financed the development of Coney Island. By 1882 he built the […]

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  • Austin Ira Aten

    1862 - 1953

    Austin Ira Aten (1862 - 1953)

    Texas Ranger. Born in Cairo, Illinois, in 1862, he later moved to Round Rock,Texas, with his father, who was a methodist minister. In 1878, while living in Round Rock, he witnessed the death of outlaw Sam Bass by the Texas Rangers. This is when he decided to be a lawman. In 1883, Aten joined the […]

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  • Ava Gardner

    1922 - 1990

    Ava Gardner (1922 - 1990)

    Actress. Born in a small town in North Carolina, after traveling to Virginia with her family for part of her childhood, she returned to the area to enjoy her teen years. After seeing a photo taken by her brother-in-law, who was a professional photographer, her looks caught the attention of MGM scouts and she was […]

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  • Avery Brundage

    1887 - 1975

    Avery Brundage (1887 - 1975)

    Olympics Games Official. He served as President of the International Olympic Committee, serving in that role from 1952 to 1972. The only American to hold the office, he was a track and field athlete, competing with the United States team during the 1912 Stockholm, Sweden games. In 1972 he made the controversial decision to continue […]

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  • Axel Amuchástegui

    1970 - 2002

    Axel Amuchástegui (1970 - 2002)

    Artist. An acclaimed naturalist painter, he illustrated a number of books on nature, including “Pájaros Sudamericanos,” “Algunos Pájaros y Mamíferos de Norteamérica” and “Algunos Pájaros y Mamíferos de Africa.”

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  • Azean Irdawaty

    1950 - 2013

    Azean Irdawaty (1950 - 2013)

    Actress, Singer. The winner of multiple awards, she was a star of her country’s screen for more than 40 years. Though little is recorded of her early days, she was a young mother when she began a professional singing career around 1970; after gradually building a following, she made her 1979 silver screen bow in […]

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