• Jerome Caminada

    1844 - 1914

    Jerome Caminada (1844 - 1914)

    Legendary policeman and real-life Victorian super-sleuth. A master of disguise with a keen eye for detail and ingenious methods of detection. He was the inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes. Caminada was born in Deansgate, Manchester in 1844, to an Irish mother and an Italian father. At that time, Deansgate consisted mostly […]

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  • Jerome Cowan

    1897 - 1972

    Jerome Cowan (1897 - 1972)

    Jerome Palmer Cowan (October 6, 1897 – January 24, 1972) was an American stage, film, and television actor. At eighteen he joined a travelling stock company, shortly afterwards enlisting in the United States Navy during World War I. After the war he returned to the stage and became a vaudeville headliner, then gained success on […]

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  • Jerome Franks

    1908 - 1971

    Jerome Franks (1908 - 1971)

    Stage and motion picture actor of the 1930s and 40s. Appeared in the 1944 musical “Stars On Parade.” (bio by: A.J. Marik)

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  • Jerome Henry “Jerry” Brudos

    1939 - 2006

    Jerome Henry “Jerry” Brudos (1939 - 2006)

    Criminal. Known as ‘The Shoe Fetish Killer.’ A native of Webster, South Dakota, he was a former electrician, who became serial kiler, and later one of Oregon’s most notorious inmates. Born to Henry Brudos and his wife Eileen, his troubles began when he was very young. He began a weird obsession with women’s shoes and […]

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  • Jerome Howard

    1903 - 1952

    Jerome Howard (1903 - 1952)

    Jerome Howard He was the youngest of Jennie and Solomon Horwitz’s five sons, and because of his status as family baby, his mother would often call him “My baby,” leading his four much-older brothers to tease him by calling him Baby and later Babe, a nickname he later grew to like so much he often […]

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  • Jerome Irving Rodale

    1898 - 1971

    Jerome Irving Rodale (1898 - 1971)

    Businessman/Publisher. Known by his friends simply as J.I., he was the founder of Rodale Press and one of the world’s foremost advocates of organic farming and natural food. While his ideas were first met with criticism from the scientific and medical communities, he eventually became recognized as an innovative leader by his critics. Among the […]

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  • Jerome Kersey

    1962 - 2015

    Jerome Kersey (1962 - 2015)

    Coming from a school that was not known as a basketball powerhouse, Jerome Kersey was selected in the second round of the 1984 NBA draft (46th overall pick) by Portland. He was a regular contributor from the bench, eventually becoming a starter, and by his third year, he began to shine, even coming in second […]

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  • Jerome Weidman

    1913 - 1998

    Jerome Weidman (1913 - 1998)

    Jerome Weidman (April 4, 1913, New York City – October 6, 1998, New York City) was an American playwright and novelist. He collaborated with George Abbott on the book for the musical Fiorello! with music by Jerry Bock, and lyrics by Sheldon Harnick. All received the 1960 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the work. Jerome Weidman […]

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  • Jerri Blanchard

    1900 - 1984

    Jerri Blanchard (1900 - 1984)

    Actress. She appeared in the film “Follies Girl” (1943) and hosted her own television series ‘Hotel Broadway’ in 1949. (bio by: Ginny M)

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  • Jerry Ayres

    1936 - 2013

    Jerry Ayres (1936 - 2013)

    American Character Actor. Ayres, a veteran of the Korean War, he will best be remembered by ‘Star Trek’ fans for playing two different characters in the original television series as O’Herlihy and Rizzo during the 1967 season. Among other TV shows he appeared in were ‘Dr. Kildare’,  ‘Combat!’, ‘Hogan’s Heroes’, ‘The Green Hornet’, ’12 O’Clock […]

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  • Jerry Belson

    1938 - 2006

    Jerry Belson (1938 - 2006)

    Jerry Belson’s writing credits include the Steven Spielberg films Always and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, several episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show and Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and I Spy. During the early 1960s, concurrent with contributing scripts for TV sitcoms with then writing partner Garry Marshall, Belson did stories for Gold Key […]

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  • Jerry Blackwell

    1949 - 1995

    Jerry Blackwell (1949 - 1995)

    Jerry Blackwell Jerry Blackwell began his career in the 1970s. Despite his considerable bulk, Blackwell was quite nimble and a gifted worker, able to throw a standing dropkick and take bumps in the ring. In 1976, he wrestled in Pennsylvania, where he faced such wrestlers as Dominic DeNucci and Ivan Putski; in the latter match, […]

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  • Jerry Bock

    1928 - 2010

    Jerry Bock (1928 - 2010)

    Born in New Haven, Connecticut and raised in Flushing, Queens, New York, Jerry Bock studied the piano as a child. He attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he wrote the musical Big As Life, which toured the state and enjoyed a run in Chicago. After graduation, he spent three summers at the Tamiment Playhouse in […]

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  • Jerry Brudos

    1939 - 2006

    Jerry Brudos (1939 - 2006)

    Jerry Brudos was born in Webster, South Dakota, and was the younger of two sons. His mother had wanted a girl and was very displeased that she had another son instead. She would also constantly belittle him and treat him with disdain, as well as abuse him. As a child, Brudos and his family would […]

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  • Jerry Buss

    1933 - 2013

    Jerry Buss (1933 - 2013)

    Born in Salt Lake City, Buss was raised by his divorced mother, Jessie. When he was nine years old, he moved with his mother to Los Angeles; they moved to Kemmerer, Wyoming, three years later when she remarried. Buss earned a scholarship to the University of Wyoming, graduating with a B.S. degree in two and […]

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  • Jerry Chesnut

    1931 - 2018

    Jerry Chesnut (1931 - 2018)

    Jerry Chesnut Jerry Chesnut, the writer of such hits as Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Another Place, Another Time,” Faron Young’s “It’s Four in the Morning” and George Jones’ “A Good Year for the Roses,” died Saturday (Dec. 15) at the age of 87. Born in the Eastern Kentucky coal-mining town of Loyall on May 7, 1931, […]

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  • Jerry Coleman

    1924 - 2014

    Jerry Coleman (1924 - 2014)

    Born in San Jose, California, Coleman graduated from Lowell High School, then spent his entire playing career with the New York Yankees. He played six years in the Yankees’ minor league system before reaching the big club in 1949. Coleman hit .275 in his first year and led all second basemen in fielding percentage. He […]

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  • Jerry Colonna

    1904 - 1986

    Jerry Colonna (1904 - 1986)

    Jerry Colonna started his career as a trombonist in orchestras and dance bands in and around his native Boston; he can be heard with Joe Herlihy’s orchestra on discs recorded for Edison Records in the late 1920s. During the 1930s, Colonna played with the CBS house orchestra, the Columbia Symphony Orchestra, and developed a reputation […]

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  • Jerry Desmonde

    1908 - 1967

    Jerry Desmonde (1908 - 1967)

    Actor of both stage and screen. He was frequently cast as stooge for Norman Wisdom and before that for Sid Field. Appeared in “The Malta Story” (1953) and “Carry On Regardless” (1961). (bio by: Kieran Smith) Cause of death: Suicide

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  • Jerry Dunphy

    1921 - 2002

    Jerry Dunphy (1921 - 2002)

    After serving as a pilot in World War II, Jerry Dunphy began his broadcast television career in 1953. He was the news director/anchor at then-CBS owned-and-operated (O&O) WXIX (now CW affiliated WVTV) in Milwaukee. Dunphy also was a sports reporter at another CBS O&O, WBBM-TV, in Chicago. Dunphy also served as a color commentator for […]

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  • Jerry Falwell

    1933 - 2007

    Jerry Falwell (1933 - 2007)

    Jerry Falwell Religious leader, political activist and television evangelist Jerry Falwell was born on August 11, 1933, in Lynchburg, Virginia. Reverend Jerry Falwell was a leading force behind in the political rise of the religious right in the 1980s and the founder of the Moral Majority, a fundamentalist Christian political organization. Raised listening to the […]

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  • Jerry Falwell

    1933 - 2007

    Jerry Falwell (1933 - 2007)

    Jerry Falwell Falwell and twin brother Gene were born in the Fairview Heights region of Lynchburg, Virginia, the sons of Helen Virginia (Beasley) and Carey Hezekiah Falwell. His father was an entrepreneur and one-time bootlegger who was agnostic. His grandfather was a staunch atheist. Jerry Falwell married the former Macel Pate on April 12, 1958. […]

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  • Jerry Garcia

    1942 - 1995

    Jerry Garcia (1942 - 1995)

    Jerry Garcia Legendary Singer of the Grateful Dead, Musician, Song Writer, Artist, Cultural Icon. Jose Ramon Garcia emigrated from Spain in 1919 and later married Ruth Marie Clifford, a registered nurse. The Garcia’s had two sons, Clifford “Tiff” and Jerome John which they raised in San Francisco, California. Jerome John was named after composer Jerome […]

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  • Jerry Giesler

    1886 - 1962

    Jerry Giesler (1886 - 1962)

    Jerry Giesler Giesler garnered attention in the 1920s by defending a woman involved in the infamous “Love in the Loft Case”, but became truly famous by defending theater mogul Alexander Pantages. Errol Flynn relied on him to win acquittal on charges of statutory rape. Other famous clients included actor Robert Mitchum, and director Busby Berkeley. […]

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  • Jerry Hausner

    1909 - 1993

    Jerry Hausner (1909 - 1993)

    Actor. He had an acting career that included motion pictures and television, and spanned from the 1940s to the 1980s. His film roles consisted mainly of voicing the part of “Waldo” in the ‘Mr. Magoo’ animated shorts. Cause of death: Congestive heart failure

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  • Jerry Hoyt

    1970 - 1970

    Jerry Hoyt (1970 - 1970)

    Gerald F. Hoyt (January 29, 1929 – July 10, 1955) was American racing driver from Chicago, mainly competing in the National Championship. He died in 1955 after crashing in a Sprint car race at Oklahoma City. In the 1955 Indianapolis 500 Jerry Hoyt surprised many, including himself, by winning the pole (first starting position) in […]

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  • Jerry Lewis

    1926 - 2017

    Jerry Lewis (1926 - 2017)

    Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis the brash slapstick comic who became a pop culture sensation in his partnership with Dean Martin and then transformed himself into an auteur filmmaker of such comedic classics as “The Nutty Professor” and “The Bellboy,” has died in Las Vegas at his home. He was 91. For most of his career, Lewis […]

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  • Jerry Nelson

    1934 - 2012

    Jerry Nelson (1934 - 2012)

    On Sesame Street, Nelson’s longest-running character was Count von Count, the counting vampire who took delight in counting anything he could. Nelson did the voice and puppetry for the Count from 1972 until 2012, and continued to provide the Count’s voice until his death. His other Muppet roles on that program were The Amazing Mumford, […]

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  • Jerry Paris

    1925 - 1986

    Jerry Paris (1925 - 1986)

    Actor, Director and Producer. In the early part of his career he appeared in such films as “The Wild One,” “Marty” and “The Caine Mutiny” before landing roles on television programs “The Untouchables,” “Michael Shayne” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show”. It was on the Dick Van Dyke Show where he became a director and […]

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  • Jerry Parr

    1930 - 2015

    Jerry Parr (1930 - 2015)

    Jerry Parr received his B.A. in English and Philosophy from Vanderbilt University in 1962. In 1987, he received his M.S. in pastoral counseling from Loyola University in Maryland. Parr was also an ordained minister. In 1987, he received an honorary doctorate in Humane Letters from Eureka College. Jerry Parr’s interest in joining the Secret Service originated […]

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