• Isabella MacDonald Alden

    1841 - 1930

    Isabella MacDonald Alden (1841 - 1930)

    Author. She was a popular writer of books for children in the Nineteenth century, using the pseudonym of “Pansy”.  Family links:  Parents:  Isaac MacDonald (1800 – 1870)  Myra Spafford MacDonald (1803 – 1885)  Sibling:  Marcia B. MacDonald Livingston (1832 – 1924)*  Isabella MacDonald Alden (1841 – 1930) *Calculated relationship

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  • John Alderman

    1934 - 1987

    John Alderman (1934 - 1987)

    Actor. He appeared in the theater, in motion pictures, and on television in an acting career that spanned from the 1950s to the 1980s. (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family links:  Parents:  Bernard L. Alderman (1905 – 1955)  Gertrude Fitzer Alderman (1901 – 1990)

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  • Erville Alderson

    1882 - 1957

    Erville Alderson (1882 - 1957)

    Actor. He appeared in nearly 200 motion picture roles in a career that spanned 40 years. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, he made his screen debut in 1918. He first gained notice as a member of director D.W. Griffith’s stock company, with prominent roles in “The White Rose” (1923), “America” (1924), “Isn’t Life Wonderful?” (1924), […]

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  • Wroe Alderson

    1898 - 1965

    Wroe Alderson (1898 - 1965)

    Author.  Considered by many to be a leading marketing executive ahead of his time, he authored the books “Marketing Behavior and Executive Action,” “Theory in Marketing,” and “Planning and Problem Solving in Marketing,” in which he theorized that mathematical models and quantitative techniques could be used to analyze consumer tastes and determine the best methods […]

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  • Tom Aldredge

    1928 - 2011

    Tom Aldredge (1928 - 2011)

    Aldredge was born in Dayton, Ohio, the son of Lucienne Juliet (née Marcillat) and William Joseph Aldredge, a colonel in the United States Army Air Corps. He originally planned to become a lawyer and was a Pre-Law student at the University of Dayton in the late 1940s. In 1947 he decided to pursue a career […]

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  • Tom Aldredge

    1928 - 2011

    Tom Aldredge (1928 - 2011)

    Actor. Born in Dayton, Ohio, the son of an Air Force colonel, he attended the Goodman School of Drama and made his professional debut in the production of “Electra” (1957), later marking his Broadway introduction with “The Nervous Set” (1959). From that point on, Aldredge appeared in a wide range of stage roles and garnered […]

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  • Robert Aldrich

    1918 - 1983

    Robert Aldrich (1918 - 1983)

    Aldrich was born in Cranston, Rhode Island, the son of Lora Lawson and newspaper publisher Edward Burgess Aldrich. He was a grandson of U.S. Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and a cousin to Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller. He was educated at the Moses Brown School in Providence, and studied economics at the University of Virginia where he […]

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  • Gale Gordon

    1906 - 1995

    Gale Gordon (1906 - 1995)

    Gale Gordon Gale Gordon is one of the most recognized supporting actors in show business most notably working with Lucille Ball on all of her shows.  What is not so well known among the general public is that Gordon had a long and extensive career in radio, even becoming radio’s highest paid actor at one […]

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  • Bess Streeter Aldrich

    1881 - 1954

    Bess Streeter Aldrich (1881 - 1954)

    Author, Novelist. Her writing career spanned over forth years, during which she published of around 200 short stories and articles, 13 novels, and two books of short stories. Born Geneva Streeter, she was the youngest of eight children. A writer since early childhood, she won a writing contest at age 14 and another at age […]

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  • Bess Streeter Aldrich

    1881 - 1954

    Bess Streeter Aldrich (1881 - 1954)

    Author, Novelist. Bess Aldrich’s writing career spanned over forth years, during which she published of around 200 short stories and articles, 13 novels, and two books of short stories. Born Geneva Streeter, she was the youngest of eight children. A writer since early childhood, she won a writing contest at age 14 and another at […]

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  • Thomas Bailey Aldrich

    1836 - 1907

    Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836 - 1907)

    Author, Poet, Editor. Aldrich was an only child and his father often moved the whole family as he followed business opportunities. Shortly after his birth, the family moved from New Hampshire to New York for four years, then to New Orleans for about three years. He would later fictionalize these experiences of his childhood in […]

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  • Ira Frederick Aldridge

    1807 - 1867

    Ira Frederick Aldridge (1807 - 1867)

    Actor. He gained fame in the 19th century as one of the most prominent African-American Shakespearian actors and the first American actor to perform in Russia. Born in New York City, New York, he was the son of poor citizens of class known as “Free Negroes.” Educated at New York’s African Free School, he won […]

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  • Victor “Vic” Aldridge

    1893 - 1973

    Victor “Vic” Aldridge (1893 - 1973)

    Born in Indian Springs, Indiana, Vic Aldridge attended Central Normal College in Danville, Indiana, and taught school in Miami County. He was married to Cleta B. Wadsworth of Indian Springs.  Aldridge was a dependable second or third starter throughout most of his career. He was known for his curveball and pinpoint accuracy. Aldridge batted and […]

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  • Ira Frederick Aldridge

    1807 - 1867

    Ira Frederick Aldridge (1807 - 1867)

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  • Victor E. Aldridge

    1893 - 1973

    Victor E. Aldridge (1893 - 1973)

    Major League Baseball Player. He played Major League baseball as a pitcher for nine seasons (1917 to 1918, 1922 to 1928) with the Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, and New York Giants. He helped the 1925 Pirates clinch the National League pennant, and started Games 2, 5 and 7 in the subsequent World Series against the […]

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  • Kay Aldridge

    1917 - 1995

    Kay Aldridge (1917 - 1995)

    Katharine Gratten Aldridge was born on July 9, 1917 in Tallahassee, Florida. Her father was a surveyor and her mother was an artist and writer. Following her father’s death when she was two years old, her mother moved the family to Lyells, Virginia, where she and her four siblings were raised with the help of […]

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  • Sholem Aleichem

    1859 - 1916

    Sholem Aleichem (1859 - 1916)

    Author. Born Sholem Naumovich Rabinovich in Voronko, Russia, he became to be considered one of the great Yiddish writers, being best known for his humorous tales of life among the poverty-ridden and oppressed Russian Jews of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His works include five novels, many plays, and some 300 short stories. […]

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  • Mayra Alejandra

    1955 - 2014

    Mayra Alejandra (1955 - 2014)

    Actress. A regular presence in her country’s media for 35 years, she is remembered for her numerous appearances on Venezuelan television soaps. Born Mayra Alejandra Rodriguez Lezema to a show business family, she finished high school at 17 and made her professional bow in the 1975 “Valentina”, a series written by her mother, Ligia Lezema. […]

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  • Henri Alekan

    1909 - 2001

    Henri Alekan (1909 - 2001)

    Henri Alekan (10 February 1909, Paris – 15 June 2001, Auxerre, Bourgogne) was a French cinematographer. Alekan was born in Montmartre in 1909. At the age of sixteen he and his brother became travelling puppeteers. A little later he started work as third assistant cameraman at the Billancourt Studios. He then spent a short time […]

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  • Vasily Alekseyev

    1942 - 2011

    Vasily Alekseyev (1942 - 2011)

    At the age of 18, Vasily Alekseyev began practicing weightlifting at Trud Voluntary Sports Society, trained by his coach Rudolf Plyukfelder until 1968, when he began to train solo. He was not a naturally large man like other super heavyweights but was encouraged to gain strength by adding weight. In January 1970 Alekseyev set his […]

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  • Sibilla Aleramo

    1876 - 1960

    Sibilla Aleramo (1876 - 1960)

    Author, Social Reformer. Born Rina Faccio in Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy, her first novel, “A Woman” was published in 1906 and republished in 1973. It gained wide acclaim for it’s autobiographical telling the story of her escape from a forced marriage to a man who had raped her and of her struggle to live independently as […]

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  • Tony Alescio

    1893 - 1920

    Tony Alescio (1893 - 1920)

    Tony Alescio Organized Crime Figure. Born in Alcamo, Sicily, he was orphaned as a young child and immigrated to Detroit, Michigan in the spring of 1911. Escaping an abusive uncle, mob boss Antonino “Tony” Giannola took him in and treated him as one of his own. He grew to be Giannola’s personal bodyguard, but during […]

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  • Lennie Aleshire

    1890 - 1987

    Lennie Aleshire (1890 - 1987)

    Lennie Aleshire was born April 27, 1890 in Christian County, Missouri, just south of Springfield. He was playing the fiddle by age six and learned the guitar, banjo and other instruments by ear. At 15, he lived with the Creek Indians near Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, though his mother was half Cherokee. After his parents died, […]

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  • Leonard Harrison “Lennie” Aleshire

    1890 - 1987

    Leonard Harrison “Lennie” Aleshire (1890 - 1987)

    Entertainer, Musician. He teamed up with Floyd Rutledge as the musical comedy due “Lennie and Goo Goo”, and were pioneers that set the stage for became known as “hillbilly music.” Famous for their comedy and musical talent by playing cow bells and their crude homemade instruments, their career spanned from the 1920s to the 1960. […]

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  • Frank Aletter

    1926 - 2009

    Frank Aletter (1926 - 2009)

    Frank Aletter (January 14, 1926 – May 13, 2009) was an American stage, film, and television actor.  During the 1950s, Aletter appeared on Broadway in Bells Are Ringing, Time Limit, and Wish You Were Here.  He soon moved on to a prolific television career, appearing as a guest on numerous shows between 1956 and 1988. […]

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  • Ben Alexander

    1911 - 1969

    Ben Alexander (1911 - 1969)

    Ben Alexander was born in Goldfield, Nevada and raised in California, Alexander made his screen debut at age of five in Every Pearl a Tear. He went on to portray Lillian Gish’s young brother in D.W. Griffith’s Hearts of the World. After a number of silent films, he retired from screen work but came back […]

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  • John Alexander

    1897 - 1982

    John Alexander (1897 - 1982)

    Actor. Born in Newport, Kentucky, he began his career young, making his New York City theater debut in 1902 in “The Children of Kings” which ran for less than a year. He worked his way up through the chorus and walk on roles and appeared in his first name role, ‘Jump Steady’, in the Broadway […]

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  • Grover Cleveland Alexander

    1887 - 1950

    Grover Cleveland Alexander (1887 - 1950)

    Alexander was born in Elba, Nebraska, in the first term of President Grover Cleveland and was one of thirteen children. He played semi-professional baseball in his youth, signing his first professional contract at age 20 in 1907 for $50 per month. In 1909 he played for the Galesburg Boosters in the Class D Illinois–Missouri League […]

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  • Peter Alexander

    1926 - 2011

    Peter Alexander (1926 - 2011)

    Peter Alexander Ferdinand Maximilian Neumayer (30 June 1926 – 12 February 2011), commonly known as Peter Alexander, was an Austrian actor, singer and entertainer. His fame emerged in the 1950s and 1960s through popular film comedies and successful recordings, predominantly of Schlager and operetta repertory. Later, Alexander established himself as the acclaimed host of television […]

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  • Ernest Alexander

    1870 - 1934

    Ernest Alexander (1870 - 1934)

    Major General Ernest Wright Alexander VC CB CMG (2 October 1870 – 25 August 1934) was by birth an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.  Alexander was trained at the Royal Military […]

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