Yvette Lebon (Yvette Lebon)

Yvette Lebon

Actress. A noted beauty of her day, she is remembered for her numerous French cinematic appearances during the 1930s and beyond as well as for her rather colorful private life. Born Simone Lebon, she studied art and trained as a dancer prior to her 1931 silver screen bow in “Left Bank”. Through the next few years, she had a string of film successes including 1934’s “Zouzou” which starred Josephine Baker, “The Marriage of Miss Levy” and “Marinella” (both 1936), and the 1937 “Breach of Trust”, and was recognized as one of her country’s promising young starlets. Yvette formed a romantic attachment with director Sacha Guitry and was seen in his 1942 “The Fabulous Destiny of Destinee Clary”, then during World War II carried on an affair with journalist and Nazi collaborator Jean Luchaire. With the end of the conflict, both Luchaire and his daughter faced judgment day, though Yvette seems to have escaped the scandal; continuing her career, she was seen in multiple features including “Milady and the Musketeers” (1952), the 1956 “Mermaid of Naples”, “The Night They Killed Rasputin” and “Cleopatra’s Daughter” (both 1960), 1967’s “The Viscount”, and the 1970 “Cannabis”. Yvette earned her final credit with 1972’s “I. You. They.” and during most of her marriage to producer Nat Wachsberger resided in Beverly Hills. With her husband’s 1992 death she returned to the South of France where she was seen in a few retrospectives and lived out her days. At her death she was the oldest French actress and could be seen on DVDs of some of her performances. (bio by: Bob Hufford)  Family links:  Spouse:  Nathan Wachsberger (1916 – 1992) Inscription:”Mom, your star will shine for ever in the heaven of our eyes”


  • August, 14, 1910
  • France


  • July, 07, 2014
  • France


  • Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills)
  • California
  • USA

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