Valeriano Andrés (Valeriano Andrés)

Valeriano Andrés

Spanish Stage, Television and Screen Actor. He was born and died in Madrid. He was a pioneer in his work on television, and obtained big success on stage with plays such as “El Brigadier” and “El Alcalde de Zalamea.” On screen he is remembered in “Jeromín” (1953), “Esa Voz es una Mina” (1956), “Historias de la Televisión” (1965), “La Vaquilla” (1985), “El Palomo Cojo” (1995) and “Historia de un Beso” (2002), his last film. He is fondly remembered by children for his work in the TV series “La Mansión de los Plaff.” (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)


  • July, 01, 1922


  • April, 04, 2005


  • Cremated

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