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Peter Arno

Cartoonist. Born Curtis Arnoux Peters, Jr. to Edith Theresa Haymes and State Supreme Court Justice Curtis Arnoux Peters in New York City. He attended the venerable Hotchkiss boarding school and Yale University where he organized his own band, developing a reputation as a playboy. After leaving school he settled in New York’s Greenwinch Village, and submitted art to numerous publication and painted decorative panels for restaurants. When his chosen career failed to progress, he made arrangements to return to music when a drawing that he submitted to the new magazine, “The New Yorker,” was purchased, debuting in the four month old publication in June 1925. The association with the magazine continued his entire life. Two years later his first book, “Whoops Dearie!’ was published. He married Lois Long that same year, and with her had a daughter. They divorced four years later. Another brief marriage to Mary Livingston Lansing followed. He has been credited with inventing the captioned cartoon, a charge he denied. Until 1962, his work also appeared in “Circus Magazine” by Barnum & Bailey. Collections of his cartoons include “Peter Arno’s Circus” (1931), “Cartoon Revue” (1941), “Man in the Shower” (1944), “Hell of a Way to Run a Railroad” (1951), and “Lady in the Shower” (1967). He was included in the New York Public Library’s exhibit of celebrity caricatures from the Golden Age of this satiric art, focusing on caricatures of the 1920s through the 1950s. An apparent rennaisance man, he was said to have written a song “My Heart Is On My Sleeve,” designed and built an automobile he called “Albatross,” and wrote a western melodrama mentioned in “Look” magazine in 1949. He succumbed to lung cancer at Port Chester, NY at age 64. His biography, “Mad At Something – The Life & Times of The New Yorker’s Peter Arno” was written by Michael Maslin. (bio by: Iola)  Family links:  Parents:  Curtis Arnoux Peters (1879 – 1933)  Sibling:  Peter Arno (1904 – 1968)  Charlotte Constance Peters Hart (1924 – 2000)* *Calculated relationship


  • January, 08, 1904
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  • February, 02, 1968
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