• John Earl Graves

    1927 - 2001

    John Earl Graves (1927 - 2001)

    Information officer for the United States Department of State. One of the 52 Americans held hostage by Iran from 1979 to 1981 (bio by: Erik Lander)

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  • John Edgar Hoover

    1895 - 1972

    John Edgar Hoover (1895 - 1972)

    Law Figure. He served as director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Chief for over forty eight years until his death.  Born in Washington, D.C. three blocks behind the Capitol in the Seward Square neighborhood, his family had been civil servants for generations and his father served in this capacity with the Coast […]

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  • John Edward Carew

    1970 - 1868

    John Edward Carew (1970 - 1868)

    Sculptor. He was primarily known for sculptures of historical subjects in London. His projects included the “Death of Nelson”,  at the base of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, London, and his statues of Dick Whittigton at London’s Royal Exchange and of Edmund Kean at the Drury Lane Theatre. (bio by: s.canning)

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  • John Eldredge

    1904 - 1961

    John Eldredge (1904 - 1961)

    Actor. He was a notable character performer whom appeared in hundreds of feature films and television programs. He began his career on Broadway and made his big screen debut in “The Man with Two Faces” (1934), followed by “Flirtation Walk” (1934). Among his other film credits are, “High Sierra” (1941), “Angels in the Outfield” (1951), […]

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  • John Elliott

    1858 - 1925

    John Elliott (1858 - 1925)

    Artist. Most known for his mural decorations, some of more notable in America being “The Vintage” and his ceiling painting which is in the Boston Public Library.  (bio by: Laurie)  Family links:  Spouse:  Maud Howe Elliott (1854 – 1948)* *Calculated relationship Inscription:John ElliottThe True HeartedBorn in England, April 22, 1858Died in Charleston, SC, May 26, […]

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  • John Ellis Kimberly

    1970 - 1928

    John Ellis Kimberly (1970 - 1928)

    Businessman. A Paper Magnate, he was one of the co-founders of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. Kimberly-Clark is famous for such products as Kleenex, Kotex, Huggies, and Depends.  Family links:  Spouse:  Helen Cheney Kimberly (1845 – 1932)*  Children:  John A Kimberly (1867 – 1954)*  James Cheney Kimberly (1871 – 1961)*  Mary Emma Kimberly Shirk (1881 – 1979)* […]

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  • John F Kennedy

    1917 - 1963

    John F Kennedy (1917 - 1963)

    John F Kennedy John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963), commonly known as Jack Kennedy or by his initials JFK, was an American politician who served as the 35th President of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963. Notable events that occurred during his presidency included the […]

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  • John F Kennedy Jr

    1960 - 1999

    John F Kennedy Jr (1960 - 1999)

    John F Kennedy Jr Environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. kept secret diaries that were found by his wife, Mary, who committed suicide last year in the midst of a contentious divorce. The Post, which was provided copies of the journals by a source, previously reported how the volumes detailed RFK’s “lust demons” while chronicling his […]

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  • John Farleigh

    1900 - 1965

    John Farleigh (1900 - 1965)

    Artist. He was a painter of subject pictures as well as landscape and architectural scenes, particularly images of post-blitz London. Although often remembered for his engravings which appear in works by D.H. Lawrence and George Bernard Shaw, Farleigh also wrote on artistic technique and published an autobiography, “Graven Image” in 1940. He also painted the […]

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  • John Farrow

    1904 - 1963

    John Farrow (1904 - 1963)

    Farrow was born in Sydney, Australia, the son of Lucy Villiers (née Savage; 1881-1907), a dressmaker, and Joseph Farrow (1880-1925), a tailor’s trimmer. His mother died when he was three years old. His parents were both of English descent. Farrow was educated at Newtown Public School and Fort Street Boys’ High School and then started […]

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  • John Fell

    1625 - 1686

    John Fell (1625 - 1686)

    Bishop of Oxford and Dean of Christ Church. His legendary strictness made him unpopular and he is the original of the nursery rhyme:’I do not love thee, Dr. Fell / The reason why I cannot tell;/ But this I know, and know full well, /I do not love thee, Dr. Fell.’ (bio by: David Conway)

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  • John Fielding

    1970 - 1780

    John Fielding (1970 - 1780)

    Magistrate and Social Reformer. The brother of ‘Tom Jones’ author Henry Fielding. In his late teens, John was blinded in an accident while serving in the Navy, but did not allow this disability to blight his life. With assistance from Henry he studied law, and the duo worked together as magistrates, fighting corruption within the […]

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  • John Fitzgerald

    1863 - 1950

    John Fitzgerald (1863 - 1950)

    John Fitzgerald was born in Boston to Irish businessman/politician Thomas Fitzgerald (1830–1913) of Bruff, County Limerick, and Rosanna Cox (1833–1923) of County Cavan. He was the fourth of twelve children. Both of his sisters, Ellen and Mary, and his eldest brother, Michael, died in infancy. Fitzgerald’s brother Joseph had severe brain damage from malaria and […]

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  • John Flaxman

    1755 - 1826

    John Flaxman (1755 - 1826)

    Artist. Considered as one of the greatest British sculptor of his day, particularly renowned for his church memorials.

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  • John Forsythe

    1918 - 2010

    John Forsythe (1918 - 2010)

    The eldest of three children, Forsythe was born as Jacob Lincoln Freund on January 29, 1918, in Penns Grove, New Jersey, to Blanche Materson (née Blohm) and Samuel Jeremiah Freund. Blanche was born in Pennsylvania, to David Hyat Blohm, a Russian Jewish immigrant, and to Mary S. Materson, who was born in Maryland, to Jewish […]

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  • John Francis Bunny

    1894 - 1971

    John Francis Bunny (1894 - 1971)

    Motion picture actor and comedian. Son of silent-era actor John Bunny. (bio by: A.J. Marik)  Family links:  Spouse:  Faye Bunny (1896 – 1978)

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  • John Francis Queeny

    1859 - 1933

    John Francis Queeny (1859 - 1933)

    Business Magnate. After working as a buyer for Meyer Brothers Drug Company in St. Louis, Queeny established his own small chemical company in 1901 and began producing saccharin locally because no company in the United States produced it. He called his firm Monsanto. The firm expanded rapidly and John became the chairman of the board. […]

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  • John Fred

    1941 - 2005

    John Fred (1941 - 2005)

    John Fred During the psychedelic era, John Fred and the Playboy Band climbed to No 3 on the UK charts with “Judy in Disguise (With Glasses)” but no one was sure whether this oddball record was an example of psychedelia or a satiric comment. In truth, the lead singer and songwriter, John Fred Gourrier, loved […]

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  • John Frederick Kensett

    1816 - 1872

    John Frederick Kensett (1816 - 1872)

    Artist. He learned engraving from his father, and for a while earned his living as an engraver of bank notes. He did serious study of landscape painting in Europe between 1840 and 1847, when he returned to New York and established his studio. He traveled often to the American west and to Europe. He shared […]

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  • John Fredrick Herring

    1970 - 1865

    John Fredrick Herring (1970 - 1865)

    Artist. Born in Surrey, but spent most of his first eighteen years in the City of London, where his father, an American of Dutch parentage, was a fringe-maker in Newgate Street, just West of St. Paul’s Cathedral. In 1874, however, he married against the wishes of his father and, without any settled plans, arrived in […]

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  • John Fremont “Grandpa” McCullough

    1871 - 1963

    John Fremont “Grandpa” McCullough (1871 - 1963)

    Entrepreneur. After attending college in Oswego, New York, he moved to Davenport, Iowa in 1911, then went into the dairy business in nearby Green River, Illinois. In 1938, he and his son Bradley developed a formula for soft-serve ice cream. They tested their new product at the ice cream retail shop of one of their […]

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  • John French

    1872 - 1903

    John French (1872 - 1903)

    French formed the St. Louis Motor Carriage Company in 1900 with George P. Dorriss. They produced 85 automobles. Ironically, Mr. French died as a result of an automobile accident in Pittsburgh. He was on a business trip & took a trial spin in a new car & collided with another car. He suffered severe head […]

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  • John G. Adolfi

    1881 - 1933

    John G. Adolfi (1881 - 1933)

    Motion Picture Director.  Best known for his early 1930s films starring famed British actor George Arliss.  Born in New York City,  he began as an actor in stock and made his screen debut in the Vitagraph one-reeler “The Spy” (1907). He switched to directing in 1913 and turned out scores of silent potboilers for Fox […]

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  • John G. Blystone

    1892 - 1938

    John G. Blystone (1892 - 1938)

    Motion Picture Director, Actor. He appeared in 4 films, was the writer of 4, the producer of 7, the supervisor on 46 and the director of 66 films including: “The Last Man on Earth” (silent), “The Sky Hawk,” “Tol’able David,” “Charlie Chan’s Chance,” “Swiss Miss” and “Block-Heads.” He was the brother of actor Stanley Blystone […]

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  • John G. McCrory

    1860 - 1923

    John G. McCrory (1860 - 1923)

    Businessman. He was the founder of the McCrory Five and Ten Cent store chain. Born in East Wheatfield Township, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, he moved with his family to Cumberland County while still a boy. He returned to Johnstown, Pennsylvania at age 18 and began working in retail stores. Four years later, at age 22, he […]

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  • John Galardi

    1938 - 2013

    John Galardi (1938 - 2013)

    Fast Food Entrepreneur. He was best known for being the founder of Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest hot dog chain. At age 19, he began working at Taco Tia restaurant in Pasadena, California, when he decided to create an idea to compete with Glen Bell, who founded Taco Bell. In 1961, he a opened a hot […]

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  • John Garcia

    1917 - 2012

    John Garcia (1917 - 2012)

    John Garcia was born to a farm family on June 12, 1917, near Santa Rosa, California, and died a world-renowned member of the National Academy of Sciences on October 12, 2012. He was a farmer, a cartoonist, a ship fitter, an Air Corps Cadet, an amateur boxer, a high school teacher and a college professor, […]

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  • John Garfield

    1913 - 1952

    John Garfield (1913 - 1952)

    Actor. Hollywood leading man in the 1930’s and 1940’s. He was twice nominated for an Academy Award as Best Actor, once in 1939 for Four Daughters, and again in 1948 for Body and Soul. Other noteworthy films include They Made Me A Criminal, The Sea Wolf, Destination Tokyo, Gentleman’s Agreement, Humoresque, and The Postman Always […]

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  • John Gay

    1970 - 1970

    John Gay (1970 - 1970)

    Artist. He was a leading photographer and collaborator of the poet Sir John Betjeman. Amongst Gay’s famous “sitters” were Hilaire Pierre Belloc (1948), Walter de la Mare (1948), Thomas Stearns (‘T.S.’) Eliot (1948) and Dylan Thomas (1948). Many of his works now belong to the National Portrait Gallery. (bio by: Kieran Smith)

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  • John Geoghan

    1935 - 2003

    John Geoghan (1935 - 2003)

    John Geoghan (/ˈɡeɪɡən/; June 4, 1935 – August 23, 2003) was an American Roman Catholic priest who sexually abused children while he was assigned to parishes in the Boston Archdiocese of Massachusetts. He was reassigned several times to parish posts involving children, including after attempted treatment for pedophilia. The investigation and prosecution of Geoghan was one […]

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