• Jethro

    1920 - 1989

    Jethro (1920 - 1989)

    Jethro Kenneth C. Burns (March 10, 1920 – February 4, 1989) was an American country musician, comedian, and mandolin player. He was better known by his stage name Jethro from his years with Henry D. Haynes as part of the comedic musical duo Homer and Jethro beginning in 1936. Burns was born in Conasauga, Tennessee […]

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  • Jetta Goudal

    1891 - 1985

    Jetta Goudal (1891 - 1985)

    Jetta Goudal was born as Julie Henriette Goudeket in 1891, the daughter of Geertruida (née Warradijn; 1866–1920) and Wolf Mozes Goudeket (1860–1942), a wealthy diamond cutter, in Amsterdam. Her parents were both Jewish, and her father was Orthodox. Tall and regal in appearance, she began her acting career on stage, traveling across Europe with various […]

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  • Jewel Carmen

    1897 - 1984

    Jewel Carmen (1897 - 1984)

    Born Florence Lavina Quick in Danville, Kentucky, Carmen made her film debut in the 1912 film The Will of Destiny. She went on to appear in Daphne and the Pirate (1916), opposite Lillian Gish and D. W. Griffith’s Intolerance (1916).  In 1917, Carmen contracted with Fox Film Corporation, but finding the deal unsatisfactory opened a […]

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  • Jewel Cobb

    1924 - 2017

    Jewel Cobb (1924 - 2017)

    Jewel Plummer was born in Chicago on January 17, 1924 as the only child of Frank V. Plummer, and Carriebel (Cole) Plummer. She was the great-granddaughter of a freed slave. Her grandfather was a pharmacist, her father Frank was a physician. Her mother Carriebel was a physical education teacher. Jewel Cobb enjoyed an upper-middle-class background […]

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  • Jheri Redding

    1907 - 1998

    Jheri Redding (1907 - 1998)

    Hair-care products guru who introduced the concept of pH balance to shampoo. (bio by: Damien)

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  • Jheryl Busby

    1949 - 2008

    Jheryl Busby (1949 - 2008)

    Record Executive. He began his career in music as a promotion agent at Stax Records Memphis, Tennessee and in 1984, become the president of the black music division of MCA Records. In 1988, he was named the president and chief executive officer of Motown Records, Los Angeles, serving until 1995. As Motown’s CEO, he helped […]

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  • Jiah Khan

    1988 - 2013

    Jiah Khan (1988 - 2013)

    Jiah Khan Nafisa Rizvi Khan (also known as Jiah Khan, 20 February 1988 – 3 June 2013) was a British American actress, model and singer who appeared in Hindi films. She made her film debut in the 2007 Ram Gopal Verma film Nishabd for which she was nominated for Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. […]

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  • Jiang Qing

    1914 - 1991

    Jiang Qing (1914 - 1991)

    Jiang Qing (Chinese: 江青; Wade–Giles: Chiang Ch’ing, March 19, 1914 – May 14, 1991) was a Chinese actress and a major political figure during the Cultural Revolution (1966–76). She was the fourth wife of Mao Zedong, the Chairman of the Communist Party and Paramount leader of China. She used the stage name Lan Ping (蓝苹) […]

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  • Jill Balcon

    1925 - 2009

    Jill Balcon (1925 - 2009)

    Jill Angela Henriette Balcon (3 January 1925 – 18 July 2009) was an English film and radio actress. Jill Balcon made her film debut in Nicholas Nickleby (1947), though she was best known for her stage, television, and radio work. Balcon was born in Westminster, London, the daughter of Aileen Freda Leatherman (1904–1988) and Michael Balcon. […]

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  • Jill Banner

    1946 - 1982

    Jill Banner (1946 - 1982)

    Actress. She is best known for her role as Virginia in the 1964 cult film “Spider Baby”. Born Mary Kathyrn Molumby in Bremerton,  Washington,  she graduated from the Hollywood Professional School in 1964. Her other films include “C’mon Let’s Live a Little”,  “The President’s Analyst”,  “Candy”,  “The Stranger Returns”,  “Shadow Over Elvron”, and “Hunters are […]

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  • Jill Bennett

    1931 - 1990

    Jill Bennett (1931 - 1990)

    Actress. Born Nora Noel Jill Bennett in Penang to British parents, she relocated to England and trained at Amersham Repertory in Guilford, and at prestigious drama school RADA; making her stage debut in 1949 at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford upon Avon. Her feature film debut was alongside Rex Harrison in the 1951 movie ‘The […]

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  • Jill Clayburgh

    1944 - 2010

    Jill Clayburgh (1944 - 2010)

    Jill Clayburgh Clayburgh was born in New York City, the daughter of Julia Louise (née Dorr 1910-1975), an actress and theatrical production secretary for producer David Merrick, and Albert Henry “Bill” Clayburgh, a manufacturing executive. Her paternal grandmother was concert and opera singer Alma Lachenbruch Clayburgh.  Clayburgh’s mother was Protestant and her father came from […]

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  • Jill Dando

    1961 - 1999

    Jill Dando (1961 - 1999)

    Jill Dando was born at Ashcombe House Maternity Home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. She was the daughter of Jack Dando (February 1918 – February 2009), who died in Weston-super-Mare on his 91st birthday, and Winifred Mary Jean Dando (August 1928 – January 1986), who died of leukaemia aged 58. Her only sibling, brother Nigel (born 1952), […]

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  • Jill Esmond

    1908 - 1990

    Jill Esmond (1908 - 1990)

    Esmond was born Jill Esmond Moore in London, the daughter of stage actors Henry V. Esmond and Eva Moore. While her parents toured with theatre companies, Jill Esmond spent her childhood in boarding schools until she decided at the age of 14 to become an actress. She made her stage debut playing Wendy to Gladys […]

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  • Jill Haworth

    1945 - 2011

    Jill Haworth (1945 - 2011)

    Haworth was born in Hove, Sussex, to a textile magnate father and a mother who trained as a ballet dancer. She was named Valerie Jill in honour of the day she was born, Victory over Japan Day or V.J. Day. She took ballet lessons at the prestigious Sadler’s Wells Ballet School to escape from an […]

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  • Jill Ireland

    1936 - 1990

    Jill Ireland (1936 - 1990)

    Jill Ireland Born in London, Ireland was the daughter of a wine importer. She began acting in the mid-1950s with bit parts in films including Simon and Laura (1955) and Three Men in a Boat (1956).  In 1957, Ireland married actor David McCallum. after the couple met while working on the film Hell Drivers (1957). […]

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  • Jill Meagher

    1983 - 2012

    Jill Meagher (1983 - 2012)

    Gillian “Jill” Meagher was born as Gillian McKeon on 30 October 1982 in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland. She spent her early childhood in Termonfeckin village to the north of Drogheda. Jill Meagher first moved to Australia when she was aged 9 when her father, George McKeon, worked in Perth. She spent several years in Perth, in […]

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  • Jillian Kesner

    1949 - 2007

    Jillian Kesner (1949 - 2007)

    Actress.  Curvy blonde character performer of television and B films.  She is best remembered for her role as Fonzie’s girlfriend Lorraine on the TV sitcom “Happy Days” during its 1976 season. An expert in the field of martial arts, she made her screen debut in the 1976 motion picture “The Student Body.” Her other screen […]

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  • Jilly Rizzo

    1917 - 1992

    Jilly Rizzo (1917 - 1992)

    Ermenigildo “Jilly” Rizzo (May 6, 1917 – May 6, 1992) was an American restaurateur and entertainer. As a young man, Jilly Rizzo worked with his father delivering Italian ice to cafes. Rizzo opened Jilly’s Saloon, a lounge on West 49th Street, then moved to 256 West 52nd Street at the intersection with Eighth Avenue in […]

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  • Jim Backus

    1913 - 1970

    Jim Backus (1913 - 1970)

    Jim Backus James Gilmore Backus was born February 25, 1913, in Cleveland, Ohio, and raised in Bratenahl, Ohio, a wealthy village surrounded by greater Cleveland. He was the son of Russell Gould Backus, a mechanical engineer, of Lithuanian origin, and Daisy Gilmore (née Taylor) Backus. Backus attended Shaw High School in East Cleveland, Ohio. Backus […]

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  • Jim Bailey

    1938 - 2015

    Jim Bailey (1938 - 2015)

    American Entertainer. Born James William Bailey, in his teens he studied opera at the Philadelphia Conservatory of Music, and was cast on the television program ‘The Children’s Hour’ for almost a year, where he performed by acting, singing and dancing. During the mid-1960s, he performed in New York, mostly in summer stock and began honing […]

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  • Jim Bunning

    1931 - 2017

    Jim Bunning (1931 - 2017)

    James Paul David Bunning (October 23, 1931 – May 26, 2017) was an American professional baseball pitcher and later a politician who represented constituents from Kentucky in both chambers of the United States Congress. He is the sole Major League Baseball athlete to have been elected to both the United States Senate and the National […]

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  • Jim Colosimo

    1877 - 1920

    Jim Colosimo (1877 - 1920)

    Organized Crime Figure. Colosimo was ten years old when he left Italy with his family destined for Chicago. As a teenager he began supplementing his income with thievery, including pickpocketing, and by the time he was 18 he began engaging prostitutes to work for him. Early in his career he took up the Italian practice […]

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  • Jim Corey

    1889 - 1950

    Jim Corey (1889 - 1950)

    Actor. Born Arthur Harrison Corey in Buffalo, New York, he appeared in over 325 films between 1914 to 1948. Performing primarily in western features, his credits include “The Master Key” (1914), “The Bronco Kid” (1920), “The Saddle King” (1921), “The Oregon Trial” (1923), “The Bar C Mystery” (1926), “The Shepherd of the Hills” (1941) and […]

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  • Jim Critchfield

    1923 - 1998

    Jim Critchfield (1923 - 1998)

    Writer for motion pictures and television. (bio by: A.J. Marik)

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  • Jim Croce

    1943 - 1973

    Jim Croce (1943 - 1973)

    Jim Croce  James Joseph “Jim” Croce (/ˈkroʊtʃi/; January 10, 1943 – September 20, 1973) was an American singer-songwriter. Between 1966 and 1973, Croce released five studio albums and 11 singles. His singles “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” and “Time in a Bottle” were both number one hits on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Early life […]

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  • Jim Davis

    1909 - 1981

    Jim Davis (1909 - 1981)

    Actor.  He was born Marlin Davis to Lucien Davis, an undertaker, and Ethyl Offutt. Before seeking an acting career, he attended Baptist-affiliated William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, where he played end on the football team. He came to Hollywood as a salesman for a Kansas oil drilling firm. After a meeting with a casting […]

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  • Jim Demarest

    1926 - 2007

    Jim Demarest (1926 - 2007)

    Actor and Entertainer.  Born James Hugh Smith in Bedford Park, Illinois, he guest starred in episodes of “Hawaii Five-O” and “Magnum P.I.”.  He also made a cameo appearance in the 1968 Steve McQueen movie, “Bullitt”.   Jim is probably best remembered as Mr. Checkers on the popular Hawaiian children’s show, “Checkers & Pogo”.  The series […]

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  • Jim Eanes

    1923 - 1995

    Jim Eanes (1923 - 1995)

    Jim Eanes Homer Robert Eanes Jnr., 6 December 1923, Mountain Valley, Henry County, Virginia, USA, d. 21 November 1995, Martinsville, Virginia, USA. His early musical interest came from his father, a talented banjo player, who ran a local band. When only six months old, he suffered severe burns to his left hand that left the […]

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  • Jim Ed Brown

    1934 - 2015

    Jim Ed Brown (1934 - 2015)

    Jim Ed Brown Jim Ed Brown, a longtime Grand Ole Opry member who had solo and group hits and was a prominent figure on country music television shows, died Thursday. He was 81. Brown died of cancer at Williamson Medical Center in Franklin, Tennessee, according to a news release from Webster Public Relations. He will […]

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