Ossi Oswalda (Ossi Oswalda)

Ossi Oswalda

Actress. Dubbed the “German Mary Pickford”, she won the hearts of many with the comical characters she portrayed during the silent film era. Her movie credits include “The Doll”, “The Oyster Princess”, “The Merry Jail”, “A Night of Horror”, “I Don’t Want to Be a Man”, “My Lady Margarine”, and “Amor am Steuer” among many others. The rise of the sound (or talking) movies ended her career. The once popular actress died alone, forgotten and totally impoverished.  (bio by: Whispers From The Grave)


  • February, 02, 1897
  • Germany


  • July, 07, 1947
  • Republic


  • Olsanske hrbitovy

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