Manuel Altolaguirre (Manuel Altolaguirre)

Manuel Altolaguirre

Poet, Literary Editor. He was born in Málaga (Andalucía, Spain) and died in Burgos (Castilla-León, Spain). He was a member of the Generation of 1927, along with Federico García Lorca, Rafael Alberti or Vicente Aleixandre. In 1926, he along with writer Emilio Prados founded the prestigious magazine Litoral and began his literary career. In 1933, he won the National Award of Literature for his work “La Lenta Libertad.” He also published the magazines Caballo Verde and 1616. After Spanish Civil War, he was forced to exiler, first to Cuba and later to México. In this period, he published the books “Poemas de las Islas Invitadas,” “Poemas de América” and “Fin de un Amor.” Also he developed his work as cinema writer and producer, being remembered for “La Casa de la Troya” (1948) and the Luis Buñuel film “Subida al Cielo” (1952) In 1959, when he returned from San Sebastián, after the release of his film “El Cantar de los Cantares” in the Cinema Festival, he died in a car accident along with his second wife. His first wife was the writer Concha Méndez. Other of his books “Las Islas Invitadas y Otros Poemas,” “Ejemplo” and “Soledades Juntas.” (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)  Family links:  Spouse:  Concha Méndez (1898 – 1986)* *Calculated relationship


  • June, 29, 1905


  • July, 07, 1959


  • Sacramental de San Justo
  • Madrid
  • Spain

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