Lou Andreás Salomé (Lou Andreás Salomé)

Lou Andreás Salomé

Russian-German Writer and Psychoanalyst. She was born in St. Petersburg and died in Göttingen (Germany). She was a contemporary of Freud, Nietzsche (from whom she rejected a marriage request), and Rilke. She wrote several books about Psychoanalysis and kept up a long correpondence with Sigmund Freud. She was cremated and her ashes were buried in her husband’s grave. Several days after her death, the Gestapo confiscated her books and papers. Among her works are “Im Kampf Um Gott,” “Die Erotik,” “Lebensrückblick” and “Mein Dank an Freud.” (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)  Family links:  Spouse:  Friedrich Carl Andreas (1846 – 1930)* *Calculated relationshipCause of death: Uremia


  • February, 12, 1861


  • February, 02, 1937

Cause of Death

  • Uremia


  • Stadtfriedhof Göttingen
  • Germany

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