Laurens Hammond (Laurens Hammond)

Laurens Hammond

Engineer, Businessman, Music Innovator. He was the founder and president of Hammond Organ Company. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Cornwell University, he is known for being the inventor of homonymous electromechanical organ. The realization of this portable instrument was the result of his idea of introducing the people to the pleasure of making music, and the reason of his economic success. During the World War II, he contributed develop the system for remote control of the trajectory of the missiles, obtained the patent of the infrared sensors to guide the bombs and has invented a new type of gyroscope. (bio by: Lucy Caldarelli)


  • January, 11, 1895
  • USA


  • July, 07, 1973
  • USA


  • Cornwall Hollow Cemetery
  • Connecticut
  • USA

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