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Kage Baker

Science Fiction and Fantasy Author. She shall be best remembered for the “Company” series, a group of 11 novels and numerous short stories about a troupe of time-traveling cyborgs who plunder history on behalf of their 24th. century masters. Living in southern California her entire life, she spent many years in theater, as a historical reenactor and as a teacher of Elizabethan English, before deciding to become a writer. She published her first short stories in “Asimov’s Science Fiction” in 1997; that same year saw the release of “In the Garden of Iden”, her first novel, as well as the initial “Company” offering. She kept up a steady stream of work for the rest of her life, with the 2003 “The Empress of Mars” garnering the Theodore Sturgeon Award and being nominated for a Hugo. In 2009 she earned double nominations for the World Fantasy Award, for the short story “Caverns of Mystery”, and for the novel “House of the Stag”. Baker died after a year-long battle with uterine cancer. Her final book, “Not Less Than Gods”, was pending publication at her death. (bio by: Bob Hufford)


  • June, 10, 1952
  • USA


  • January, 01, 2010
  • USA


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