Hervey Allen, Jr (Hervey Allen)

Hervey Allen, Jr

Novelist. His many works include, “Wampum And Old Gold” (1921), “The Bride Of Huitzell: An Aztec Legend” (1922), “Carolina Chansons: Legends Of The Low Country” (1922), “The Blindman: A Ballad Of Nogent L’Artaud” (1923), “Earth Moods And Other Poems” (1925), “Christmas Epithlamium” (1925), “Toward The Flame” (1926), “New Legends: Poems” (1929), “Sarah Simon: Character Atlantean” (1929), “Songs For Annette” (1929), “Anthony Adverse” (1933), “The Book Of Poe: Tales, Criticism, Poems” (1934), “Toward The Flame: A War Diary” (1934), “Action At Aquila” (1938), “Bread Loaf Anthology” (1939), “It Was Like This: Two Stories Of The Great War” (1940),”The Forest And The Fort” (1943), “Bedford Village” (1944), “Toward The Morning” (1948), and “The City In The Dawn” (1950). (bio by: K)


  • December, 08, 1889


  • December, 12, 1949


  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • Virginia
  • USA

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