Elena Sangro (Elena Sangro)

Elena Sangro

Actress. Born Maria Antonietta Bartoli Avveduti. A star from the gold age of Italian silent cinema, best known as Elena Sangro, pseudonym given to her by Gabriele D’Annunzio with whom she had an intense relationship. After her debut as actress in 1917 with “Fabiola” by Enrico Guazzoni, the following year she appeared as Erminia in the colossal “La Gerusalemme Liberata” ever directed by Enrico Guazzoni. Her brilliant career continued with many roles as femme fatale until 1928. Among her film credits include notably the films series about the legendary Maciste from 1924 until 1926, and films such as “Quo vadis” by Gabriellino D’Annunzio e Georg Jacoby (1925) and “Addio Giovinezza” by Augusto Genina (1927). She later changed her name to Lilia Flores retiring from the world of cinema to dedicate herself to exhibitions and concerts. Sangro is also remembered for being the first Italian woman film director. In 1945 she founded Stella d’Oro Film Productions and under name of Anton Bià produced many documentary films including “Villa d’Este”, the first film of Gina Lollobrigida and “Dintorni di Roma”. She appeared in a cameo of the famous Federico Fellini film “8 ½” (1963). (bio by: Ruggero)


  • September, 05, 1896
  • Italy


  • January, 01, 1969
  • Italy


  • Cimitero Flaminio
  • Lazio
  • Italy

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