Cornelius Krieghoff (Cornelius Krieghoff)

Cornelius Krieghoff

Artist. A well-known painter of oil landscapes, Krieghoff was born in Dusseldorf, Germany. He began to travel as a young man and took part in the Seminole Wars in Florida as a member of the United States Army. Krieghoff was later commissioned by the War Department to make paintings from many sketches done in those wars, working in Rochester, New York, and then moving to Canada, to work in Toronto, Ontario, then at Montreal, Quebec in 1853. He painted up until his death in 1872. Krieghoff’s many works include, “The Basket Seller,” “Settler’s Log House,” “Biking The Toll Gate,” “Going To Town Market,” “Habitant Farm,” “Ottawa Timber At Quebec,” “Playtime At The Village School,” “Sleigh Race Across The Ice,” “Winter Landscape,” “After The Ball Chez Jolifou,” “Autumn Landscape,” “At The Portage,” “Autumn Scene,” “The Berry Picker,” “The Berry Seller,” “Bilking The Toll,” “The Blacksmith Shop,” The Blizzard,” “Blue Lights-Ship Ashore,” “Breaking The Lent,” “Bringing In The Deer,” “Falls Of The Little Shawnigan,” “Death Of The Moose, South Of Quebec,” “Chief Tanaghte, Delegate To Lord Elgin Of Montreal,” and “The Country House of Capt. John Walker,” among many others. (bio by: K) ┬áInscription:Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • June, 19, 1815
  • Netherlands


  • March, 03, 1872
  • USA


  • Graceland Cemetery
  • Illinois
  • USA

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