Arturo Ballester Marco (Arturo Ballester Marco)

Arturo Ballester Marco

Painter, illustrator and poster designer. He was born and died in Valencia (Comunidad Valenciana, Spain). He attended the School of Arts and Trades at the School of San Carlos of Valencia. Afterwards, Ballester worked as an illustrator for several Valencian magazines such as La Traca Nova, El Guante Blanco or Rondalles Noves. The posters he made before and during the Spanish Civil War are considered some of his most important works. He worked primarily for the CNT-FAI. This work include El País Valencià a l’Avantguarda d’Ibèria, Cómo Ayudar a los Hospitales de Sangre and Un Marino: un Héroe. His brother Vicente, also made posters during the civil war. His epitaph reads: Artista de la República (Artist of the Republic). (bio by: José L Bernabé Tronchoni)


  • August, 03, 1892


  • June, 06, 1981


  • Cementeri de Valencia
  • Valenciana
  • Spain

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