Mary Howard (Mary Howard de Liagre)

Mary Howard

Mary Howard de Liagre, née Rogers (18 May 1913 – 6 June 2009) was an American actress usually credited as Mary Howard. Mary was born in Independence, Kansas, the daughter of William Penn Adair Rogers (Will Rogers) and Betty Blake. Her father, Will Rogers, and the actor Fred Stone were great friends. Will named his third and final child after Fred. During World War II she toured service camps, helped organize the USO in Los Angeles and toured hospitals and camps for servicemen returning from war. In 1945, she moved to New York City and married Alfred de Liagre Jr., a film producer who died in 1987. She was a founding member of Recording for the Blind, and served on the boards of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and the Princess Grace Foundation. On the day of her father’s death in an airplane crash in Alaska, she was starring in a Broadway play along with Humphrey Bogart. The play was about a woman who was searching for her lover who had just died in an airplane crash. The death of her father and the manner in which he died was so devastating that she soon left the stage and never performed again. Mary Howard died in New York City, where she was buried, but was later re-interred in a mausoleum at the Will Rogers Memorial and Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma, along with her parents and other siblings, William Vann Rogers “Bill” (Will Rogers, Jr.), James Baker Rogers, and Fred Stone Rogers.

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  • May, 18, 1918
  • USA
  • Independence, Kansas


  • June, 06, 2009
  • USA
  • Manhattan, New York, New York


  • Will Rogers Memorial and Museum
  • Claremore, Oklahoma
  • USA

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