Joseph Wright Alsop (Joseph Wright Alsop)

Joseph Wright Alsop

Journalist. Educated at Harvard University, he has a newspaper journalism career that thirty-seven years, obtained a following beginning with his reportage of the 1934 Lindbergh baby kidnapping case. During World War II, he served in the United States Navy with the “Flying Tigers”.  Known for being a powerbroker through his varied political connections, as well as his popular column, “Matter Of Fact,” which was published in over 200 papers nationwide, he was a popular liberal voice. Later in life, he authored best-selling books, wrote magazine articles and lectured on art. At work on a memoir at his Washington, D.C. home, he died due to a combination of cancer, anemia and emphysema. His life became the basis for several novels and a Broadway play. (bio by: Diane ღ)  Family links:  Parents:  Joseph Wright Alsop (1876 – 1953)  Corinne Douglas Robinson Alsop (1886 – 1971)  Spouse:  Susan Mary Jay Alsop (1918 – 2004)*  Siblings:  Joseph Wright Alsop (1910 – 1989)  Stewart Alsop (1914 – 1974)*  John DeKoven Alsop (1915 – 2000)* *Calculated relationship Note: Three  Alsop Mausoleums stand together.  He is in the largest free standing mausoleum.


  • October, 10, 1910
  • USA


  • August, 08, 1989
  • USA


  • Indian Hill Cemetery
  • Connecticut
  • USA

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